Introduction- End of the World

The story of Belladonna, as told by many

Note: All of the spoken dialogue was originally in Enochian, the language of Heaven. All of the Enochian has been translated into 21st century English for the reader’s convenience.

The sun is setting over the ocean, casting bright beams of pink and orange light onto the water below. The slight ocean breeze ruffles my blond hair and my wings behind me were open and fluttering in the wind. I feel the moment, the grass, the breeze, the warm sun – and the holy energy radiating from all of it. My feet are dangling over the cliff, and with every wave they get wetter. I take this all in, knowing I will not be able to see the earth for long. Lillian walks up to me and taps me on the shoulder. “Hey, I see you are in your seraphim glamour,” she asks, “are you ok?” I see her worried expression, and know that my mood is hurting her.  I am a despicable being, and I deserve to die. I turned a being that had the goodness of angel into a fighter. I killed countless angels. “Belladonna?” Lillian’s voice interrupts my moment of self-loathing. “It’s going to happen soon,” I say archaically, knowing Lilli would get the reference. “Hey we all are nervous about Armageddon,” she reassures me, “And the safeguards are perfectly set up, there is nothing to worry about.” “Ha! You aren’t the one who has to sacrifice her soul, life energy, and basically her entire being so that the Child of Light will destroy….” Memories boil up, scathing my insides with their claws. I scream at the pain they bring me. Lillian places her palm on my chest, draining the pain from my heart.  Once the pain is fully gone I sigh, “Do you remember my daughter Tyraelis, Lillian?” “Yes, why?” she responded. “Did I ever tell you about the events leading up to her birth?” I continued. Lillian shook her head. “I think it is time I told you the truth about the rebellion,” I concluded, “I want you to know why I chose to give Tyraelis to Michael.”

The End

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