Part Two B: RebellionMature

As dusk approached, I sat in my cell wandering about the future. Is the Utopia that Lucifer hopes for even possible, I mused, or will the new Heaven be even worse than this one? I kept those thoughts under control, after all, what could I have done at that point. The sun was falling down beneath the horizon, the sunset trailing beneath it. I watched it countdown to the evening dusk, the moment of truth. My guards were staring at me now, with the look of absolute surprise on their faces. I looked deep into their eyes, and saw fear, pity, disgust, empathy, and hope. They turned away, wanting to avoid my gaze.  The sun set, leaving only a pale band across the sky: It was time. I sat and waited for Lucifer to arrive. I did not have to wait long, for in a few minutes a commotion was heard downstairs. My guards went down to see what happened, but did not return. When Lucifer walked up the stairs, I knew something was different. Lucifer’s sword was in a sheath at his waist, and he had a unique sense of urgency about him. He opened the door to my room and proclaimed, "The rebellion is about to start. You’re free." I got up and escaped through the door into the hall. The hall was high-ceilinged and airy, with graceful fluted columns, and graceful scrollwork on the walls. But I had no time to appreciate Angelic architecture; I was going to take part in a rebellion that could have redeemed my name in the eyes of heaven. I even believed that the plan had a chance of working.

The night was a beautiful night; they sky a midnight blue with small dots of light blue specked throughout the sky. The plains below were dotted with groups of angels mourning my corruption, completely unaware of the upheaval about to occur. I noticed movement in the corner of my eye, and focused on it. It was a young, male guardian angel with strawberry blond hair and blue-grey eyes. He stepped backwards and fell. I strode over and he cowered, fearing what I would do to him. Suddenly I had the overwhelming urge to kill the insolent little mouse that cowered at my feet. He had been one of the ones that wanted to send me to Hell, after all. For what, a little kiss? Idiotic, he had no right to judge me for what I did. I unsheathed my dagger and gritted my teeth. Who did he think he was, anyway? I roared and plunged the blade deep into the guardian angel’s heart. He screamed, and I twisted the dagger. He relaxed and the life slipped from him. I withdrew my blade and stood aghast at what I had done. I had killed an angel. I had done something terrible. I had crossed the point of no return. But the thing that horrified me the most was that it felt good, great even. At that point Lucifer and the others had exited my former prison. I smiled, finally slipping into corruption. This was going to be enjoyable.

The End

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