Part Two A: RebellionMature

It had been a week after the sentencing when Lucifer, looking tired and desperate, came to my cell to speak to me. I let him in, and he sat down on my one chair. "I’ve tried everything. I tried every tactic, and loophole. I even tried to take the punishment in your stead," Lucifer sighed, "but the court’s decision is steadfast. I don’t know what else to do." I considered my options, but none came to my mind. "I don’t care about going to Hell," I finally concluded. "You haven’t seen Hell, have you?" Lucifer asked. I hadn’t, but he had seen Hell. When the archangels had been created, they were warned about the corrupting influence of power and the shown Hell to solidify that warning in their minds. "You will be sent to the Pit, a fiery chasm in the center, where the punishment for disobedience will be exacted on rebellious angels. Surrounding the Pit is the Plain, a vast field of ice where the ground is barren and warmth never existed and never will," Lucifer informed me, "You will die in the Pit, your very existence destroyed by fire." I took these things in and responded, "What choice do I have? Rebellion or execution, either way I am going to die."  Lucifer listened to my words, and his eyes brightened. He almost seemed to smile and asked, "Isobel, is it better to fade away quietly, or go out in a blaze of glory?" I responded with another question, "What exactly are you thinking about doing?" "I might be able to save your life," Lucifer responded, "I can rebel: overthrow the current hierarchy of angels and start a new Heavenly Order, one that will allow angels to love each other." I listened to the idea, growing more and more attached to the plan. I agreed with his plan, and we made a decision on the exact day. The rebellion was to occur on the day before I was to be banished, when the stars were darkened to mourn the corruption of an angel, and most angels would keep a vigil to express their feelings of loss.

As the date neared the rebellion, I changed dramatically. My originally platinum blond hair and pale blue eyes darkened. My wings lost their sheen, and my aura dimmed. I was fading away, dying slowly. My cell was very closely monitored for any escape attempts, and visitors were no longer permitted, unless on official business. I observed the coming and goings of the world from my cell window. Lucifer was gathering followers to rebel with us, and I prayed for the rebellion to succeed. One week before the rebellion, I was visited by Mistress Miryarnka. Her face did not divulge her inner emotions, but her aura was saddened. "You have one chance to confess, to make yourself clean before you die," she told me, "Will you confess or die an enemy of Heaven?" "I think Heaven made its opinion about me clear long ago," I responded, joyless and sad. "As you wish, Isobel," the Head Seraphim replied, clearly disappointed.

On the day of the rebellion, Lucifer visited me one last time before the rebellion that night. "I want you to have this," he informed me handing me a package. I ripped the present open, not knowing what to expect. Inside there was a beautiful dagger, its handle inlaid with pearl and moonstone, the blade about a foot long, its metal almost fluid, flowing along two almost imperceptible curves in the blade. Wrapped around the dagger was a necklace with a single inlaid opal pendant, not bright like a normal opal, but a midnight blue, almost sinister in the color. "I want you to be prepared for whatever is to come," he informed me, his voice almost a whisper, "The dagger is unique, and will always find a weakness in an enemy, and the jewel is called the Opal of Night. It can contain any soul that its owner wishes, even their own." I didn’t know what to say. I knew what the dagger was going to be used for, and the Opal was to protect me at any cost. I put on the necklace and hid the dagger in the folds of my dress. Lucifer stood up, "I will visit you just before the vigil," he announced, "After all, I will want to say my final farewells."

The End

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