Part One C: ConfessionsMature

Within the week rumors had spread of the incident, and most of the other angels were gleefully gossiping that either Lucifer or I was going to be punished for our actions. I disregarded the rumors, after all, I was a Seraphim, and Lucifer was an Archangel. They just didn’t punish angels that high ranking severely and they certainly did not punish The Shining One’s favorite angel. So when I received the message that I was needed in the Divine Court, I knew something bad was about to happen. I arrived at the finely designed hall, ready to do whatever it took to keep Lucifer out of Hell. I opened the doors, and was surprised by the scene awaiting me. Lucifer was in a chair staring blankly into his lap, except for his eyes, they were…. sad. Michael was standing below the court, and had a somewhat satisfied expression on his face. The Head Seraphim, Mistress Miryarnka, stood up and began, "The trial of the seraphim Isobel Donera will now commence." I understood at once why I had been summoned there, and I knew that this wasn’t going to end well for any of the angels.

One year later I was standing in that same room to hear my judgment. Mistress Miryarnka read the parchment in her hand aloud, "Isobel Donera, you have been convicted of breaking the 11th Angelic Law, and have been sentenced to be banished from heaven in one month.-" "NO!" Lucifer’s scream interrupted the Head Seraphim. Two minor archangels pulled on his arms until he sat back down. Mistress Miryarnka continued reading my sentence, "Upon your banishment, you shall be stripped of your divine grace, and sent to Hell." I remember feeling so hopeless, so lost and as I had resigned myself to the pit for all eternity, I only said "Yes, Ma’am." I did not fight when they took me in chains to my chamber that I was going to stay in until I was sent to Hell.

The End

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