Part One B: ConfessionsMature

Now if you are a human, demon, or other non-angelic being who is reading this, you need to know a few things about the early world and Angelic and Law. In the beginning, there were four beings sleeping, awaiting the perfect moment to awake. Their names were Good (Light), Evil (Darkness), Order (Normality), and Chaos (Deviation). They were the four Primal Forces, Creators of the World, all equally gifted with the power of creation, neither male nor female. When the moment of Creation came, The Primal Forces awoke, and for one vital second, they balanced each other out. Then Good managed to defeat Evil for a second, and the first ray of light shone through the void. It shone until it reached Chaos, who did not wish for a World of Order to be created. The two forces struggled until Chaos’ power waned. Order had joined Good, and had weakened Chaos. Chaos capitulated, and Evil and Chaos fell into deep and eternal sleeps, only to be awakened when they could inhabit a physical form.

Angelic Law No. 11 as translated into English from Enoch, the language of Heaven, "No Divine being, whether it be Angel, Seraphim, Grace, Virtue, or Milcham, the divine bird of Heaven, shall perform an act of procreation, sexuality, or love. The punishment for said act shall be a removal of Divine essence." One of the most well-known angelic laws, but the one most often broken. Even a kiss violates this law. After Lucifer’s rebellion the word "love" was erased. Too late for me.

The reaction of the angels to me and Lucifer being in love changed from amusement, shock, disdain, and finally disgust. The other angels barely tolerated me, and Lucifer was alienated from the other archangels, not only because I was an outcast, but also because we were in love. But that didn’t matter to us: we were madly in love; all we wanted was each other. The hardest hit was Archangel Michael. His best friend was his brother Lucifer, and I believe he had a schoolboy crush on me, even though I was an outcast. Michael often sulked around us hoping to find something that would incriminate us. It would be a while but he would finally get his wish.

The night Michael got his wish was a beautiful night and Lucifer and I had been together for 45 years. We were in the west gardens of heaven, the ones that have the most shade. We had been walking along, never suspecting that we had been followed. We stopped at an alcove to rest, and I asked him "What do you think will happen in our future?" I do not remember his reply but, I responded, "I wish we could remain like this for an eternity, Lucifer." There was a rustle in the bushes nearby, but due to the Milcham nearby we disregarded the sound. Lucifer kissed me, the universe’s first kiss. That chaste kiss, barely longer than a peck, created positive forces that had never existed before, but it also unleashed a chain of events that almost destroyed heaven.

I had heard a gasp and stood up. Lucifer and I were both on high alert and this was the moment we had feared. I looked towards the source of the gasp at my beautiful feet. What I saw haunts me to this day. Archangel Michael had a look of absolute shock on his face. He was standing 5 feet away from where me and Lucifer were sitting, and I swear to this day he was about to cry. Michael flew off, and I was left with a sick feeling in my stomach and a puddle of bile.

The End

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