Fallen Angels

The government say that mythical creatures don't exist, that the rise in attacks on humans is because of terrorists. They say that the soldiers on every corner are for our own protection. What do I know? I'm just a school kid. But I got dragged into it, and I'm not going to give her up.

Rain lashed at the windows in Nature's terrible fury.  The wind howled like a hound grieving for its master.  Lightning flashed, illuminating the bare branches of the trees, the twigs casting the shadows of hands that reached out to grab you.  I walked down the hallway towards the front door,wondering who would be calling at this time of the night, especially in this weather.  I heaved open the heavy door, holding tightly onto it as the icy wind raked its talons down my face and across my bare arms.  Squinting against the rain, I saw her.  Shaking, shivering, sobbing, her clothes ripped, muddied and bloodstained, clinging to her prone form, her hair streaked white blond instead of its usual red as if someone had poured a bottle of bleach over her head, but it was her.  She looked up at me with strange eyes full of tears.  One eye green, the other brown, her make up long washed away

"I'm sorry," she murmured.  "Oh god, I'm sorry.  I didn't know where else to go."

The End

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