Fallen AngelsMature

Amy Stickland has fought against demons, vampires and everyother thing that goes bump in the night for her entire life. It was what she was raised to do. So when children start to go missing around her town, Amy prepares herself for the typical find, hunt, kill and rescue survivors routine. But then the missing children show up again with one thing missing; their souls. A memory sparked from her early childhood, Amy becomes unsure that what she's dealing with is anything like she's faced before

In th shadows of the night
Hide the creatures who fear the light
Waiting for children to stray away
From their mothers and safety of day
The creatures lull the innocent to sleep
Then devour their souls to forever keep

Normal children read happy little rhymes about black sheep, pigs going to market and a cat playing a fiddle as they grow up. They have nice little poems to help them have nice dreams when they go to sleep. Me? I got rhymes about demons, warlocks, vampires and every other creature or thing that goes bump in the night. Not the stuff that encourages a kid to have nice dreams, let alone sleep. No teddy bears, cute little dresses, play dates or baking cookies with Nana. Nope, not for me. Instead I got swords, daggers, bows and arrows and every other weapon created- man made or otherwise. I spent most of my day training in various things from basic combat to controlling my powers. And the closest thing I got to baking with Nana was her teaching me how to prepare different potions. For my entire life, I have been conditioned to fight the big, bad monsters that plague our world, so that everyone else can live a peaceful and happy existence. Completely ignorant of the fact that all these creatures exist beyond the pages of a book or the TV screen. And you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way.

The End

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