Fallen Angel (version 2)Mature

Version 2! This is the creation of some very, very, VERY amazing critiques that I recieved from my last version. Version 2 has less focus on Amancio, pronounciation, and more attention on the setting and Amara/Hawk.

Fallen Angel-a novel

What you are about to read in the forthcoming pages is my heart and soul naked and truly exposed, laid out on the line no-holds-barred and REAL. The words are meant to entertain yes, but only AFTER having raised discussion, question, and argument. I can but only simply hope and pray upon a paper airplane wish that you will enjoy taking this ride I have worked to weave for you as much I thoroughly enjoyed bringing it to life for you.

Thank you
Tanner Reiss.

For Danelle Reiss, my mother
Chelsea Perras, my best friend
Charles “Mask” Lewis Jr. my biggest inspiration


“Life is an interesting journey, you never know where it’ll take you peaks and valleys, twists and turns, you can get the surprise of your life...sometimes on the way to where you’re going you might think...this is the worst time of my life, but you know what...? At the end of the road through all the adversity if you can get what you wanna be...you remember that whatever don’t kill you makes you stronger and all the adversity was worth it...on your way to the top you’d do anything, but how do you get your life back when you get there...? Yeah, that ‘s my dilemma. “ ~T.I


Fallen Angel-a novel
Chapter 1
“Young Love”

            I had been an unusually balmy winter season throughout all of Canada’s eleven Provinces and Three Territories, but none warmer then the second smallest, and most Pacific-lying Province of Shadow Island. The small rustic coastal town of Glace Bay had been by far the warmest. It was a peaceful community with utterly breath-taking untouched beauty; in captured on all sides by deep lushes Fern Tree forests accenting the eighties style architecture. The city’s allure was topped off by the famous and distinctly Canadian hospitality along with the type of charm that can only come from living fifty-seven kilometers offshore. The unsightly warm weather meant that the people of Glace Bay had been forced to find alternative source of recreation. Most choose to exploit Mother Nature’s warm gift by inhabiting one of the many majestic walking trails and parks. It is during the hottest day on record that horror would first begin to uncloak its ghastly face to the rural, yet modern town, and so too where this story takes hold.

The date was February fourteenth, yes Valentine’s Day, of two thousand twelve. The entire population of Glace Bay blanketed the streets in a last ditch effort to escape the near suffocating air, heavy with humidity inside their homes. Everywhere you turned couples were out walking along the beach, embracing and losing themselves to each other’s company. The only things stirring the air were the occasional scoldings of parents to their children for venturing perilously close to the just frozen ice water. Still though, the sweltering heat was no match for the ever over powering surge of romantic electricity that dominated the air. All of the three hundred and thirty residents were in the upmost joyous mood, all that is, but one southern Brazil native Amara Alvarez, who all day had been combating the feeling that something was going on despite the numerous testimonies that she was wrong.

             “Raven, honey wait, do you hear that, listen. It sounds as though someone is talking into a microphone or something.” Amara said as she pulled her head backwards, narrowly avoiding her boyfriend Hawk’s protruding lips. Hawk opened his eyes and read Amara’s facial expression: her tone stern, yet not demanding, her eyes focused yet innocent and her mind narrowed. “It is Portuguese, though I cannot make it out, it really is poorly spoken.” Amara finally confessed, her eyes now reading with a look of curiosity though tainted by a hint of worry.  “It’s probably nothing babe, I mean if you couldn’t understand it then it was most likely just some kids who got board of sitting around doing nothin’. Forget it babe, let’s keep going and try and find something to drink, I’m dying of thirst.” “I suppose you are right, I think mother and I are the only ones that know Portuguese here anyways, still though, it truly does sit with me quiet unwell not to have known what was said.” Amara sighed, her demeanor returning to its casual coolness.

Ten minutes later Amara and Hawk were both sitting on Amara’s mother Leigh’s front porch sipping gingerly on freshly brewed hot chocolates. “Are you babysittin’ for the Scott’s tonight, or can I take my sexy girlfriend out on a nice date night?” “I am supposed to yes, but mother said she had a big job set up for Mrs. Scott so I would do ill to think they would be out beyond a reasonable time. Perhaps, if not at too late a time, after could take me out?” Yeah that would work; I can get a workout in that way to.” Hawk and Amara agreed, sealing the deal with a passionate kiss. “It’s only one, to ya want to drive up to Silver Storm Ridge and go hiking for a couple hours or something?” Hawk suggested as they broke off the kiss together. “That sounds very pleasant indeed, though Running Buffalo Trails are closer, and honestly an easier drive.” “The Trails are closed to hikers in winter though, and it takes way too long to get ready to go skiing, we wouldn’t have any time really, but it’s your choice babe.”

            Shadow Island, despite being deemed the second smallest Province in the whole of Canada, wasn’t actually that small, stretching a very respectable 49, 583 kilometers. Silver Stone Ridge was located an hour drive northwest of Glace Bay, and was without a doubt the most enticingly attractive places to live in Shadow Island. The entire Villa-like community was littered with roughed out trails created by the savage storms and flash floods that once plagued the area until a Dam was built in the early eighties. Amara parked her 88 Toyota Supra sports car at the front of a closed ice cream shack before unbuckling her seatbelt and locking up. She then met Hawk, waiting a little ways past the car and joyfully accepted his hand into hers.

“Whoa, watch yourself there Shorty, it’s like wicked ass icy there!” Hawk gasped, narrowly avoiding losing his footing and plunging twenty-five feet straight down with only a dodgy looking grow-out of hard packed snow to lighten his descent. “Thank-you honey, are you okay? Please do tell me.” “Yeah I’m fine, just didn’t see that ice patch that’s all.” Hawk assured Amara, making sure she had secured her balance before moving on. They kept hiking, stress-free for another two and a half hours. “Honey, look, just there” Amara exclaimed pointing at the sky in the direction of Glace Bay. “It got dark so fast, I’m fearful of not making it back home before I am to arrive at the Scott’s residents.” Her tone edged with well justified worry. “Yeah that got dark fast, we can start gettin’ back to the car if you want.” Hawk agreed. The two quickly made their way back towards Amara’s Supra, taking chances on narrow walkways and just barely managing to keep in control of their bodies as they sprinted down steep embankments.

“Somethin’ wrong Officer?” asked Hawk looking around intently as he and Amara reached the entrance to the trails. “There’s a nasty storm moving in, we’re closing the trails until further notice, did you pass anyone else while you were walking?” A female Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer asked, who Hawk guessed was in her early to mid twenties. “Not that I remember...babe?” Hawk replied, looking at Amara who was shaking her head “no.” “Where are you two headed?” The Mountie inquired. “Home to Glace Bay, we only came up here to fill the gap in time before embarking on fulfillment of our respective obligations. The roads must be not bad surely, yes?” Amara asked explained to the young Officer. “They’re not bad, but we have had reports of white-out conditions in some sections, so travel safely and keep your speed down.” The sharpness in the rookie Officer’s voice made her reply to Amara’s question sound less like helpful advice and more like a strong warning thought Hawk as he and Amara made their way hurriedly, yet casually back to the car.

           “Welcome to the ghost town of Taciturn, home of the Machiavelli family Villa.” Was what the somewhat dilapidated sign read, marking the southern outskirts of the long-since forgotten town. “You know” Hawk started slowly looking around out his window. “I’ve always wondered why this place was just totally abandoned, I mean sure it’s small but a lot of these houses could be fixed up really nice if people wanted to.” “It is true enough, what you say....about the houses and reason for the boycott.” Amara agreed, down shifting a gear as she slowed her speed to navigate a long icy patch. “Surely that could bring nothing but ill mannered fortune.” Amara stated, her voice contorting with concern as she unrolled her window. “Where are you two heading?” A gruff sounding RCMP Officer growled at the slightly timid-eyed young driver. “Honestly Sir, we are on our way home to Glace Bay from a very joyous jaunt through the trails of Silver Storm Ridge” replied Amara smiling politely. “The roads past here are closed until further notice, you two will be staying in the Villa on Sollin Avenue, please make your way there now.” hissed the forty-something male Officer. “Thank-you Sir, kindly, certainly your day shall be splendid.” Amara said respectfully as she did her window up and slowly made began to make her way to the multi-million dollar estate.          


The End

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