Being on edge was not a feeling Luciana liked, catching glimpses of this strange new boy out of the corner of her eye unnerved her. Wherever Luciana seemed to go his eyes were fixed on her every move.

Wherever she went, she was followed by this mysterious boy and she didn’t like it at all.

 She made sure that she kept close to Alastair throughout the day; she felt comfortable while near him and she didn’t much like the idea of being alone whilst Alfie was around. There seemed to be a strange vibe around Alfie and Luciana was very much aware of it. She noticed that everyone seemed very cautious in approaching him, it seemed like they were all terrified of him. This scared Luciana more, knowing that everyone else was scared of him too and yet he had taken an odd interest in her. Why was she so important to him?

When the bell rung signaling the end of the day she quickly shoved all her things into her bag and made for the exit, making sure she stayed within the throng of students flooding the corridors. She felt safe whilst she was in a crowd; even though she knew she was being watched by those deep brown eyes, she knew that he wouldn’t do anything while there were people there to witness it.

Alastair had football practice after school so unfortunately for Luciana he couldn’t walk her home like he normally did, meaning that Luciana had to walk home alone, something that unsettled her.

Luciana kept looking over her shoulder as she walked home; she was convinced that she was being watched, although when she looked behind her she saw nothing, just an empty street.

Normally when Luciana walked home she would take the shortcut through the snicket and be home in no time, however today the thought of walking down a dark narrow snicket, devoid of much daylight for any length of time frightened her. She felt safer out in the open, with the odd car passing her, at least on the footpath her scream could be heard. If she went down the snicket, no-one would here her scream, and no-one would come to help.

Suddenly Luciana felt a hand on her shoulder; she jumped and whirled around to see – nothing at all. Was it her imagination, had she imagined the hand on her shoulder? She must have because there was no-one about who could have done it.

Heart quickening she ran as fast as she could, she didn’t care if it was her imagination playing tricks on her or not, she wasn’t going to waste any more time, she wanted to feel safe. Luciana was positive she could feel eyes watching her now, so she changed her direction, running around corner after corner until she reached the cul-de-sack where she lived.

She raced up her drive and into her house, slamming the door and pressing herself up against the door barricading it shut. Luciana sunk to the floor, her back still pressed up against the door, her heart was beating ten to the dozen and she was shaking violently.

“It was just my imagination” she whispered catching her breath, “Nothing is there, nothing can get me” she reassured herself.

But was it her imagination, or was Luciana right to be scared?

The End

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