He stared unblinkingly at her back but Luciana did not look at him again. He had scared her, the speed in which she had jolted her head forwards made it obvious that she was frightened, and to be fair so she should be.

Her beauty was encased by a magnificent glow which only he seemed to be aware of; it flickered and danced around her like blue fire which seemed to radiate the purity of her heart across the entire room.

He had definitely found what he had spent so long looking for and he knew what he had to do, but for the moment he had to be patient, bide his time, he knew somehow that she would come to him in the end, and he would be waiting. His teeth prickled, tempting him but he refrained. She was no use dead.

The form tutor called out the names in the register then paused slightly before saying his name.

“Alfie Cavelo” he said slowly, pronouncing every syllable before lifting his head and looking directly at him. He wasn’t the only one too, many of the other students turned in their seats to look at him, even Luciana took a fleeting glance before turning quickly away. Alfie nodded curtly then shifted his gaze back to staring at Luciana, he hated attention. Especially when it was unwanted. The other students took Alfie’s unfriendly nod as a cue to stop looking at him, as each shifted their gaze and the room was filled with hissing whispers from the students all talking animatedly to each other.

The bell rung signaling the end of the form period, there was a frenzy of scraping chairs and chatter and the students stood up from their seats and flooded the door leading out into the school corridors. Only one person remained seated, waiting for the throng of students to clear before making their way to lesson, and that someone was Alfie Cavelo.

Luciana chanced another look at him and he caught her eye, her sparking crystal blue eye which anyone could get lost in. Luciana gasped and fled the room to catch up with her friends and Alfie launched himself out of his seat and down the corridor in the same direction Luciana had just gone, keeping to the shadows as much as possible.

Alfie spent the rest of the day hiding in Luciana’s shadow, visible out of the corner of her eye, somewhere she only glanced once or twice. It was obvious she was scared of him. His black hair, brown eyes and general dark persona meant that none of the students dared to approach Alfie and it seemed that even the teachers were cautious of him.

They were certainly right to be cautious, because you never know what is lurking in the shadows … waiting.

The End

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