~ Ch.1 ~Mature

Luciana was soaring, high in the clear blue sky; she could see far beneath her the wind rustling the leaves of trees. She was having that dream again, the dream where she was flying, away from her life and going anywhere. She was as free as a bird to wander the endless skies forever, and no-one could stop her.

Luciana changed her direction, heading upwards, through a wispy layer of clouds; her dream always seemed to lead her this way. Up and up she glided until she came to what seemed to be a small island made of thick cloud, where she could see a crowd of people standing there, waving at her.

 She landed noiselessly on the island and started to make her way through the crowd of smiling, waving people to the front where she caught sight of two people standing a little apart from the throng of people.

The woman was tall and extremely good-looking, with hair that seemed to tumble down from her head and to her waist. Her blue eyes looked at Luciana with as much love and affection as she could muster. The male too had thick blonde hair which sat smoothly on top of his head; he was incredibly handsome too, with a muscular figure and well built arms, one which he draped casually around the woman.

The couple smiled down at Luciana lovingly, showing their pearly white teeth. Neither of them spoke but Luciana was sure that she recognized the pair but she couldn’t quite put her finger on how?

Where did she know them from?

Her alarm clock buzzed, stirring Luciana from her deep slumber. Her eyes flickered open and she stared up at her bedroom ceiling, not wanting to get up, the green numbers on her alarm clock confirmed the time to be 7am. A soft tap on Luciana’s bedroom door and Luciana’s mum came in carrying a fresh cup of tea, which she set by Luciana’s bed, before saying softly “Time to get up, the summer holidays are over and its back to school today.”

Her mum left the room and Luciana groaned dragging herself slowly out of bed. Clasping the cup of tea in her hands she allowed the warm liquid to bring her out of her dream like state and throw her into reality.By the time 8am rolled around, Luciana was stepping out of the house, a piece of toast wedged in her mouth and her bag hanging from her shoulder, she started to make the long walk to her school, talking small bites out of her toast as she went. As she approached the school gates a familiar figure was stood there waiting to greet her, Luciana’s best friend Kirstie.

“So how was your summer, did you go anywhere exciting?” Luciana asked as the pair linked arms and started walking slowly towards the school buildings.

“Went to Prague” she said matter-of-factly.

“Nice” Luciana replied, smiling warmly at her best friend as she held the door open for Luciana and they proceeded up the corridor and towards the lockers.

 A familiar figure was waiting for Luciana by her locker, a tall sandy haired boy with greenish blue eyes which always seemed to melt Luciana’s insides like chocolate in a microwave. He enveloped her in a huge hug as she approached and his warm body and irresistible scent made her smile with happiness.

Alastair had been away with family for the majority of the summer holidays, so seeing him after 6 weeks of being apart was a treat, and it instantly brightened up her once gloomy outlet of the first day back at school.  

As Luciana sat down in form she noticed a new boy enter and sit himself at the back of the room, he had thick pitch black hair and unusually pale skin. She stared at him, not daring to blink – until he raised his head and looked straight back at her with brown eyes boring into her.

She turned her head and faced forward, concentrating very hard on not looking back but she could still feel his brown eyes boring into her back, but she resisted the urge to look at him again.

 There was something a little strange about this guy, which Luciana couldn't quite place. She didn't know what it was but she was sure she would find out.

The End

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