Fallen AngelMature

Luciana thinks she is a typical human teenager but she is wrong; her life is turned upside down when she realises that mystical creatures are real and that she is not who she thinks she is.

Brown eyes flitted from girl to girl, analysing each one in turn and then dismissing them. He had tracked her down to this very school; she was here somewhere and it was his mission to find her. Crowds of people flooded the school hallway, animatedly chatting to each other the main topic of conversation being on what they did during the summer break. She was here somewhere she just had to be, but it was going to be difficult to find her in an ocean of students such as this, but he was determined.

 He caught sight of a gaggle of girls heading down the hallway towards him, each beautifully tanned from obviously being out in the sunlight. The obvious ring leader of this group of girls was tall and beautiful with long brown hair which hung loosely down to the middle of her back. He analyzed her tall slender figure, eventually deciding that although this girl was beautiful this was not her, he would know her from the moment he saw her.

 He walked swiftly away from the group of girls keeping to the edge of the corridor as much as possible, so he could avoid having to battle his way through the crowd of students, who had stopped in the middle of the corridor to have a conversation with their friends.

As he rounded a corner he spotted a tall boy with sandy coloured hair leaning casually against the wall talking to a girl. A girl … The girl, he could tell that it was her; she was by far the most beautiful girl in the entire school. Her long ash blonde hair cascaded down to the middle of her back, it would have been longer but she had it tied back into an elegant bobble. Her skin was pale and unblemished and when she laughed her teeth were a pearly white. A faint glow which only he could see emanated from around her.

He knew that he wasn’t able to walk right up to her, when she was deep in conversation with who could only have been her boyfriend. He had to get her on her own, he had to get to know her, get inside her head and gain her trust before he struck. He watched her from a distance staring at her unearthly beauty; he wanted her, he could feel his desire for her rising but he had to resist, he had to restrain himself, she was no use dead.

His eyes glowed red.  

The End

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