Two teens living in Las Vegas witness what appears to be a meteorite land in the middle of the city. Upon investigating, they find that instead of a meteorite, the falling object was a girl who miraculously was unharmed despite falling from the sky. Upon learning her secret, the kids try to help her uncover the truth of what really happened to her. Things get hairy when a government agency takes interest in the incident. (This story follows the same plot as SHOOTING STAR but from a different poi

Have you ever seen something happen that you can’t explain? I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t. You always hear about it on the news or see it in the movies but it just never happens to you. That’s what it was like for me. Living in Las Vegas, the closest you get to anything unexplainable is a high end magic act. Anything else wierd is explainable by the fact that Area 51 is just outside of town. I’ll tell you right now that I am all for a government conspiracy theory but aliens and flying saucers or even angels for that matter never crossed my mind as anything that could be real; at least up until last year; that was when I began to see things that completely blew my mind. This all started with that girl my friend and I met last year. She made us swear not to tell anybody this but, since she’s gone now, what difference would it make. Nobody reading this would believe any of it anyway.

The End

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