Balthasar: Just Around the CornerMature

She couldn't bear to look at me in the eyes with the same admiration, her eyes brimmed with sadness and loss. I couldn't risk it, putting her in danger because of me. Pushing the thoughts of her away, I turned back to the house and walked. I didn't want to see her face or hear her tears. Her sobs echoed in the shower throughout the manor as I walked through the doors. You beat me again, my angel. I could picture her body shaking, her eyes bloodshot, and her face burning red. As the water pressure increased, her sobs were drowned and I could no long hear her.

I sulked back to my room, waving off Scarlet.

"But Master... She is crying," Scarlet was quiet.

"And?" I retorted.

"And you should care. I apologize for this action for it is out of my position, but I will not regret it," Scarlet replied her face turning as bright as her hair. Before I could protest, I felt a hand hit my face. She ran into her own room, crying. DAMNNIT ALL! 

Arabella then walked into her own room, out of my bathroom, gathering all of her belongings. The towel tightly tucked around her and under her arm. Her soft hair hung over her shoulders, dripping. A scent of roses followed as she walked out, dazing. My Rose. I waited a few moments, hoping that maybe Scarlet's voice would cease as Arabella was clothed. "Arabella!" I called out. Shit!

"Yes," Ara hurried in, her feet hardly touched the hallway tiles. Her face was pale, but her cheeks were flushing again. Damn! What can I tell her?

Sighing, I spoke, "I wanted to remind you of school tomorrow."

"Oh," the disappointment was clear in her voice. "Thank you." She turned to leave.

I want one more moment. "Ara," I whispered. "ARA!"

"Yes, Balthasar." Her hands folded neatly in front of her, her eyes dead, her face pale. Her black capri pants and her grey tank top looked less fitted on her frame as if she had lost weight.

"Stay. Will you stay? I am having troubles sleeping soundly."

"Of course," Ara approached me, her eyes glistening with held back tears.

I laid down, expecting Ara to lay by my side, but she gently picked up the sheets and the blanket and laid them over me. Pain struck my chest as she sat by my feet. Lay by my side, where you belong.

"Do-would-you mind if I sang?" 

"Yes! Of course!" I exclaimed.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine-" A tear hit the comforter before Arabella could wipe it away. "You make me h-happy when skies are gray. You'll never know dear how much I.."   

"Love you," I finished for her."

"So please, don't take my sunshine away," She sang as she looked at me. "I..." She quickly ran out of the room. 

Damnnit all! Closing my eyes, I drifted to sleep.

Darkness surrounded me, but one lit torch illuminated a view. Surrounded by metal cage wired and concrete walls, a man lay on the frozen concrete ground. Purple and black hung under his eyes, the brown irises dull. His hunched back was covered in old and fresh scars. A pool of blood surrounded him, more blood trickling from the ceiling above him. 

"Precious rose, petals turning as dark as death. Withering away as it yearns for the light of love," a trembling whisper echoed, the voice familiar and scared.


His head turn abruptly, his eyes darkened until they turned black, "The protector. The sun to the rose, hidden behind many clouds of fear. Without the sun, death is just around the corner."

The End

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