Arabella: BurnMature

The stone glowed white, breaking into many pieces as my heart feels. The intensity of energy, time, and life burned the palms of my hands, but I wanted to burn. Memories flooded back, each flashing before my eyes. I gripped the onyx, shedding many tears as it turned grey. Begging, I screamed for my father, gripping onto his navy suit and tan overcoat, but I knew nothing could give bring life back to him. My wing stretched, glowing ash gray, and the break was healed. I felt my hair grow longer, reaching my lower back, and my eyes burned. Unseen fire lit my body, spreading pain everywhere and a golden glow shot out of my eyes as I watched a prophecy of time unravel before me. Collapsing, I felt Balthasar grip onto my arms, pulling me into his arms. I pulled onto his shirt and kissed him, wrapping my arms around his neck. His arms pushed away.

"Arabella," he faintly said.

I stared back him, more tears welling in my eyes. "Balthasar, I thought..."

"I can't be what David wants me to. I can't do this, be with you. You are allowed to stay within the mansion, but no longer will I..."

I stepped back away from Balthasar, "No, you can't. But we were going to... I love you."

Balthasar turned away, leaving me in broken pieces, and my heart and soul burning.

The End

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