Ara: BrokenMature

The water was warm, and soothed my body as I showered. Even the bathroom was elegant like the rest of the mansion, a soft tan painted on the wall, an elegant cream sink, and a shower positioned in the corner of the room. Relief flooded through me as my hair began to soften as the shampoo lathered the strands. I grabbed a sponge and the soap, thoroughly scrubbing my body. The soap sank down the drain as the water rinsed my hair and body.

I stepped out onto the plush white carpet and enveloped myself in the towel. The soft material brushed against my skin, feeling like a feather. My attention went straight toward the sleepwear hanging on the hook of the door. A cropped grey tank top, and tight fitting black pants. This is what Balthasar had mentioned when he stated Scarlet would be bothersome. Oh, well. I dressed into the undergarments I had brought from a shopping bag, and then dressed in the pajamas. The clothes fit tight as I assumed, and I stepped out the door into what I assumed was to be my room.

Of course, I was not sleeping in it tonight, but I observed the bedroom. The walls were a pale grey with a white rose border in the center. One large mirror sat on a vanity while cosmetics neatly line the table. The headboard was white, leaving the many black pillows, and the satin charcoal blanket. A single chandelier hung in the center, and I walked to open a door to what I believed to be the hallway. Instead, the inside was full of fashion. One the left side, tops of all style, then drawers of denim short, capris, and jeans, and then a rack of shoes. I turned to my right, and gasped to see Scarlet's final trick. Braziers of all kinds hanging, and the underwear folded on the shelf. She is trying to embarrass me, I swear.

I walked out of the closet. I do not need these material items, but if they insist, I will at least put them to use. Then I noticed Annabelle had walked into my room.

"I see you have looked at the room. I hope you like it, it belonged to Balthsar's grandmother when she owned the mansion long ago. Everything is original, except the closet. Scarlet insisted you have it," she said quietly.

"It is lovely, extravagant, much like the rest of the manor."

"Indeed, I will lead you to the Master's bedroom," Annabelle began to lead to the hallway.

I inquired her as strolled around, "How many rooms are there?"

"Seven, all have a lot of space. There is the Master's, the library, the parlor, your room, my own room, Scarlet's room, and the kitchen."

"I see, do you have a garden?"

"Yes, I tend to it. There is a path out to the gazebo in the center of the garden. The plants regrow each spring, never needing replanted, I just nurture them."

"Excellent, I enjoy having a place to go for peace."

"Understandable," she turned a corner at the far end of the hall, and showed me into Balthasar's room.

I stared in awe at the dark green walls with white trim, the marvelous crystal chandelier, the massive paintings, the intricate glass sculptures on small shelves, and the warm black carpet that lay on the ground. Annabelle pointed towards a massive bed, lined with black satin sheets and pillows.

"Here is where Master said you could sleep for the night."

"Thanks, Annabelle. You've been kind to Ara, and shown her around. You can go get rest yourself," a deep voice came from the doorway.

Balthasar moved out of the way as Annabelle left the room.

She looks beautiful, but I can't say that to Ara. Her gorgeous blonde hair that is as golden and yellow as the blazing sun, her hazel eyes so bright like flawless diamonds, her lips as voluptuous as a delicious ripe fruit. Yet her body...

I was still curious as to how I could hear the thoughts of Balthasar and of others, but I was much to tired to ponder the topic. Walking over to the bed and laying down, I wrapped my body in the black satin.

"You want me to sleep next to you, or farther towards the wall?" Balthasar spoke up.

"It does not matter to me," I replied to Balthasar. "I warn you, I will sleep walk during my nightmares."

"Do you want me to wake up if you do?" He asked, his voice shaking like before.

"I do not know, I cannot remember..." 

My head began to hurt as I tried to search memories, a haze fell over my eyes. David's voice sounded within. Ara, do not search the past, live the present. Soon the fog will lift. I laid on my right side and rested my head on the pillow. A weight shifted the bed to the right and I felt someone behind me. Escaping my mouth, a yelp sounded.

"Ara," Balthasar's voice came from behind.

"Oh, you had worried me."

"Sh, just sleep."

I closed my eyes, drifting into the darkness of dreams. A laugh echoed and fire set ablaze. A pair of red eyes burned into my soul.

"Ara, pathetic, worthless. He will never even admit he has any feelings for you. You are nothing to him. Those new friends barely know you. All you are is a freak. You are so stupid, you barely understand your abilities."

Ana I began running from the voice, it surrounded me. I found myself at a cliff, I stepped back away from the edge. There were no trees or bushes to run, I was trapped. Ana appeared from the shadows, experimental wolf-men stood at her side as protection. Their long tuft fur as dark as the night, but eyes glowing a bright yellow, boring into your soul. Growling, they came closer to me, bearing teeth and claws. I looked down to my right, seeing the edge of the cliff. A few rocks tumbled over the edge, and I waited to hear the sound of the end. No sound, an endless fog down to nothingness.

My eyes lifted up to be met by a pair of piercing eyes of a wolf-man. As I stumbled over the edge, the wolf-man howled in the moon light. A laugh full of doom echoed as I fell further into the endlessness. A burning fire started, closing my small frame in it's grasps. My wings spread, glowing more of a charcoal color, no longer black. I flew upwards, the fire licking my skin. I screamed, the burning following me as I raised higher. 


Opening my eyes found myself flying among the stars of midnight. Subconsciously my wings took me higher, I looked below seeing Balthasar yelling for me. I began to plummet towards the ground, my wings useless against the resistance. The ground's impact left a searing pain. CRACK! I looked below me, seeing my wing broken.

"Ara! Ara?! Oh my God...Ara!"

"Balthasar! Help! Please?!" I begged, the pain spread throughout my body.

Then a burst of light appeared next to me.

"Ara, it is okay. I can heal your wing, but it take awhile. I have to tell you something important," My silver guardian bent down beside me.


The End

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