Ana: With the NightMature

The sweet child of the Angels, I had invaded her mind. Her memory is not clear, some doubt exists, the fear strikes her pure heart. The beat that races as I empty her mind of hope and optimism. The darkness, she will be consume.

Maiden, hold the truth
What can fight the darkest nights?
What can burn for years and years?
What can die without the tears?

The same melody repeating in her sleep, the night becoming mine to manipulate for terror. She will not sleep soundly, and soon the world will not either. All credit to the pathetic blacksoul, so hard yet soft to love a demon such as me. Love, such a cliche emotion, lust, anger, envy, greed, desire, sloth, and pride were much better to play with. Disgust and vile is love, even between the demon and I as he fools himself to believe we have a 'dark love.'

My dearest Sinclair, I will rule the world, together with the night. Not you. Alone shall I be to rule this world with terror and despair.

The End

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