Balthasar: Dancing Through the PastMature

What are you hiding from me?

The question hit me in the chest, I stood almost speechless before the maids interrupted the silence.

"Sir Balthasar, you are home!"

"Who is the darling?"

"Balthasar, you have maids?" Ara looked confused, adding more questions.

"I will explain, trust me. But first, meet the maids of the household."

First, a corpulent woman with long red-orange hair and grey eyes stepped forward to hug Ara and spoke in a thick British accent, "I am Scarlet, Miss. I may add that I serve a lot of pocky and tea, but my baking skills are sharp."

The small younger lady with shoulder-length brown hair and blonde highlights shook Ara's hand next and stared intently at Demi with her blue eyes. "My name is Annabelle, I can clean well and I do enjoy to dance and sing."

"Ladies, excuse Ara and I, please?"

"Yes, Master Balthasar." The unison voices replied.

When the maids had scattered about the mansion, I sat Ara down beside me on the ivory couch.

"Ara, remember the moment Sinclair mention me being his doppelganger?"

"Yes, I do recall the memory."

"That means we're linked by a soul connection, Sinclair and me. If one of us dies, the other does too. I've been seventeen for many years while Sinclair has always been a demon. We are a black soul pairing, when the souls are split, the soul resent one another naturally. Sinclair has the same traits, but his regular traits are the traits I bury within. I don't know why he wants you so bad, but it isn't for any good reason. I'm sure the 'Ana' he is referring to is the female demon that he has been trying to raise from Hell for decades."

"How did I get here, why am I 'fallen'? Ara questioned.

"I have no idea, but I'm positive you will find out soon. Secrets don't stayed buried long."

"Do the maids know? How do you know about Sinclair?"

"Scarlet and Annabelle know I'm immortal to an extent. The energy and aura between Sinclair and me is separate, but our paths always cross."

"What are his powers?"

"Sinclair has no talents without an energy source. He needed Ana to harvest energy by biting into her and sucking energy out of her body, but she was dragged back to Hell. I'm sure he has something to do with you coming to Earth."

"Okay, but can I sleep with you tonight? I am afraid I will have nightmares about what happened earlier," Ara said.

"Of course, but I'll warn you, Scarlet will tease you slightly, she has a big mouth. Annabelle is extremely shy most times, involved with her own thoughts."

With that said, I took Ara's hand and led her up to her room where the maids prepared sleepwear, a bath, and even more new clothes to wear from a shopping spree. I kissed Ara's hand as her face flushed.

"I'll see you after."

I left Ara to be alone with the maids and I walked into my room to watch television.

The End

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