Ara: AnaMature

Running away from Balthasar, away from my feelings, and away from the world into the bathroom. The broken fan echoed in the musky air. One light lit above the sink, adding the eerie feeling to the darkness. Splashing water into my face, I looked into the mirror seeing the horrifying image.

My wings burned in fire, every nerve in my body electrified by intense heat. The usual color of my eyes turned into a sun-glow color with a carmine center. A pain erupted from my mouth and I screamed, revealing the sharpened teeth. White-hot misery formed in my head, reaching to the source, I felt a sharpened gray horn. A high howl echoed off the walls. The tall figure of Sinclair stood over me, laughing at my horror. He bent down to kiss my neck.

"Ana, you look so lovely darling. The true being within you is now in view. What a perfect demon you make!"

"No!" I screamed and stared in horror at the reflection.

"Ara, darling, do not spoil Ana's debut. Let Ana consume you, pathetic angel!" Sinclair bit into my neck and my scream shattered the mirror.

I felt something grabbing me, shaking my body.

"Demi! Demi!"

I opened my eyes, finding myself in Balthasar's arms. His eyes were blood shot, tear trails went down his face, and he looked miserable. I looked to see where we were, thick fog covered the ground, but I could see a tombstone beside us. A wail poured out from my mouth.

"Balthasar, how did I get here?"

"You were running, muttering things. You were almost posessed. But Ara, please, forgive me? I didn't mean that you were just another chick, you are so much more. You are sweet, gentle, and beautiful. The perfect angel in my eyes..."

A low chuckle came from the dark as two orange eyes appeared in the darkness. The fog then revealed Sinclair. 

"Ana is coming, Ara. Balthasar, my dear counterpart. You will lose the angel to the deadliest demon of all Hell. She will consume her from the inside out, and even your supernatural knowledge can't save her."

Tingling sensations ran through my body, I felt energy pulsing through me. I grabbed onto Balthasar and closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I found we were back in the mansion.

"You can teleport?" Balthasar looked puzzled.

"I have no clue of what my power's extent is. But tell me, what did he mean supernatural knowledge? What are you hiding from me?" I looked into the deep teal eyes of a stranger, searching for answers.

The End

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