Ara: First EncounterMature

Balthasar had to go to his job, leaving me at the Manor alone. I noticed no presence of  life, and decide to still dress in the flannel shirt Balthasar lent me with the lace I had already. Finding myself on the couch in the parlor, I awoke to the sound of ten echoing chimes from the clock. I found my way to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of juice, while eggs and bacon levitated out of the fridge. Ara, you must focus on the levitating objects also if you wish to master the skill. Imagine yourself fulfilling the task, and your powers should work through your subconscious. David had not spoken until then, but I allowed myself to imagine cooking eggs as I browsed through the kitchen. The warm smell of eggs with cheese and bacon filled the room, making my stomach growl. A plate emptied itself out of the cupboard, until I felt two hands along my waist and hot breath on my neck. The plate shattered, glass breaking everywhere, making my hair stand on end. Turning, I stared into hell fire, and darkness.

"Damn, angel," the demon spoke. "Master was right about you, sexy but innocent."

I took my hand and attempted to slap the ignorant male, but he caught my hand.

"Ara, do you not know your own enemy, Sinclair? I'm highly offended."

"Sinclair," I spoke up. "Get out of this Manor, or else."

"Or else what?" He pushed his lower body closer, pinning me between the wall and his body.

"Back away!" I warned him, anger boiling in my blood.

His hand slid up my thigh as I screamed and light radiated from my body. His figure bent over as the light burned him, his screams drowned by the gusts of wind carrying the light from my body. The light ceased, and he laid upon the ground in a heap.

"Ara, you want to appear strong, but remember, you do not know why you are here, and you do not understand Balthasar or yourself," Sinclair flashed a cuspid smile. "But to be strong, you must find yourself."

Before I could do anymore damage, he dissipated into the air, leaving me frightened, anxious, and puzzled.

The End

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