Sinclair: In Need of An AngelMature

I chuckled to myself as I appeared back into the dark house I was occupying. The building was burnt, charred black. I managed to drag a futon, mirror, and dresser into the house, and find most appliances working to an extent. I walked over to the black framed mirror, staring at myself with a smirk. Low hanging, dark rinse denim, a skin tight, red v-neck, a black diamond piercing on my right ear, and a silver ring on the cartilage of the left. Damn, I look sexy. I will get her though. Ara, a sweet babe angel, to hang on my side as my slave for energy.  Purple bags hung under my orange eyes, I had used too much power when teleporting. Exactly why an angel would be a great source. A sly smile spread across my face, it was Saturday and come Monday Balthasar would be at school along with Ara. Hmm. Seems like such a dainty, pretty thing. Too bad she has to fade to nothing, she would be a good, provocative slave. I walked over to the futon I had been sleeping on, and laid down, resting my head on a red sheeted pillow. There's nothing that will stay hidden. Her powers will show soon enough, but what does she look like exactly? Those few glimpses of her were no good. Maybe I shall get a closer look, maybe a taste.

The End

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