Balthasar: The IntrusionMature

My world has collapsed as soon as Ara was out of my sight. Her beautiful face no longer was illuminating the room, the waves of her blonde hair no longer shined in the light, and the warmth of her heart left me cold. I started to think of the worst-case situations and felt my heart beat rapidly in my chest. I prayed to God that Ara would return soon, but as the moon began rising, I knew I'd be alone in the house. I walked up the white staircase trimmed with black railing thinking, If she isn't back by morning, I'm going to look for her. But then a thought rushed to my head. Why do I care so much? Without every aspect of her being complimented, I replied in my head, There is something enchanting, mystical, and mysterious about her. A hidden secret. I walked into my room, staring blankly at the forest green walls. The clock read in green numbers, 6:47 PM. Stepping off the wooden floors, I climbed into my black blanketed bed. Thoughts began swimming through my head, I saw Ara's face crying, and I began dreaming off her.


I awoke to the sound of glass breaking in the parlor, and looking towards the clock I seen the green digits 9:23. My first hope was to find Ara, but as I ran down the stairs, I found utter disappointment. There stood a boy, with the sharp tail coming out of his back. As he turned towards me, I seen the reflection of me with black horns, orange eyes, and a sharpened cuspid smile. I couldn't believe the demon that was standing in my face looked like a twin of me. Fear crawled down my spine as he inched closer towards me. His eyes burning like a raging fires of hell. The air became colder as the demon smiled, whispered into my ear, "Where is Ara, human? Hmm? Are you in love? Ignorant human, she'll die soon enough."

"Sinclair, get out of my manor. You're not allowed on the property, ever," I responded, gathering confidence.

"Oh, but dear Balthasar, we are the same. Would you like to know what I would do with the angel, brother?"

"You will not touch a hair on her precious head!"

"But I will, I will use her. Ana will rise again, Balthasar. I will be the one with power," he began to laugh at me as he sprinted away.

After hearing his horrid words, fear numbed my body, but I ran after him as he sprinted out the front doors. As soon as I went to grab his red shirt, he dissipated in the cold night air. Dammnit! His powers are still strong. I sat on the concrete steps, and put my face in my knees crying. I started to bawl when I felt the soft lips kiss my cheek. Looking up, I saw Ara's gorgeous porcelain face and sweet smile.

"Ara, I am-" I stammered before she interrupted.

"Balthasar, be silent. I understand, and I am aware that the acknowledgement of my talents and wings are overwhelming. I forgive you."

"Can you please, tell me what you are?"

Ara swallowed hard as she prepared to say it.

"I am a fallen angel. Please, do not be afraid," tears escaped her hazel eyes as remorse crashed down upon me.

"Ara, I won't as long as you're here with me. Please, stay. Don't ever leave again, I can't bear to watch you leave and I need you to be here safe." I begged her, getting on my knees and reaching out to her hand.

"I will stay, Balthasar. I want to stay with you."

"Let's go inside the moon is showing and it's getting cold," I grasped Ara's hand, and lead her back into the house.

The End

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