Ara: An Angel, A GuardianMature

Tears cascaded down my face as I started to fly away from Balthasar. The fear in his face burned in my mind. What are you? His words echoed through my head, as I wondered myself on what I was. Pausing, I began thinking of what I truly was. What am I? God, how am I supposed to know? Stopping my wings, I began to study the pattern of the black feathers. Black, the color of sin and darkness. Why are my wings the color of everything evil? This is not fair, I have done no wrong. Reaching out, I began stroking the plush feathers. I started to move about, learning the control I had over the wings. I recognized the majestic appeal, but the black marked of something truly treacherous. I started to fly, totally on instinct, letting my wings carry me.The tops of tall evergreen trees became visible, as I approached the site where Balthasar had found me. I slowly started to descend, before I finally touched the grass. Kneeling on the ground, I felt pain hit my heart, the cold air choke me, and my heart pound. Salty tears streamed out of my eyes, they flooded my vision. I fell over to my side, curling up on the ground before ceasing to cry. My body shuddered and the pain in my head returned.

I closed my eyes, feeling peace calmly fill my thoughts. But something bright to my right side had then interrupted my moment of tranquility. From my peripheral vision, I turned towards a golden light. I stood up, and walked around the tree I had fallen out of. There, a pale figure stood, dressed in a suit marked by the color of purity, with dark tan, almond shaped eyes, and styled brown hair. The male's figure was held up by two vast, golden wings. Buried in the coverts of his wings, an onyx stone shone in the light of the sun. I stared in awe as he came closer.

"Young one, you have found the secret within. The black wings are a mark of sin," his low voice softly explained.

"Please, why have I sinned? What has forsaken me?"

"Child, sweet Ara. You were brought with grace, but you are the sacrifice. You must survive your future. You are the fallen angel," he said with such pity in his eyes. "The only one."

"Please, explain?"

"Ara, we can talk always. I am David, the Guardian sent to view your task, I will be in your heart when you need me. When we meet again in person, you will be ready for the truth. For now Ara, my sweet dear child, you must survive."

The holy figure gently kissed my hand, before turning and disappearing into dust. I was so puzzled as to why I was a sacrifice, but I will survive. Determination rose within, but I heard a low voice sound within my head. I will take form as your conscious Ara. I will do my best to guide you. Go to the boy, and talk. You will find that you need him. I nodded, and then dove, with my wings pressed against my body. The cold air rushing into my face made my vision difficult, but I could make out the shape of Balthasar on the front steps to his house, face in his palms crying. Guilt fell onto my conscious. My wing released from their hold against my sides, and I touched the green grass in front of Balthasar. He had not noticed my presence, and so I went to him, uncovered his face, and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. His bloodshot eyes looked up at me, tear trail visible on his face. He jumped up, and wrapped his hands on my waist in a tight hug. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and savored the moment before he pulled away.

The End

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