Balthasar: The WingsMature

Her face was so beautiful. I couldn't help but stare at her big hazel eyes. Their current green color reminded me of the forest I had found her. Her blonde hair was tangled, but she looked so innocent. Her fair skin almost glittered in the warm light of the parlor. I wanted to just hold Ara, but she couldn't know how I felt. I had to bury those feelings. I gently picked her up, and carried her towards the kitchen. Then she turned her head towards me and smiled after I set her down.

"You have an elegant home. I like it," Ara said to me.

"Oh um, thanks." I tried to smile, I felt awkward standing by her.

Ara eyed me, probably noticing the tenseness. She didn't say anything, but then she held my hand. Her soft, smooth skin touched mine, and she rubbed her thumb against my hand. I squeezed her hand, and she giggled. Her giggle made me smile, and I loved the sound of it. I stood up, pulling Ara further into the kitchen.

"What would you like to eat?" I asked Ara.

"Do you have seafood?" Ara asked.

"Is salmon okay? I prefer that," I replied simply, but I wanted to make her happy.

I was glad to see Ara smile, and nod. I took two fillets of salmon out of the refrigerator, placed the salmon into a pan, and turned the oven on. Ara had sat herself at the low table. I went to the cupboard and opened the door, when I went to grab plates, the plates began levitating towards the table. Glasses followed along with milk. I looked towards Ara, and she was glowing. Her skin looked silver. She continued to cook, and adding spices and butter to the salmon. I tried to process everything that had happened.

I grabbed Ara's shoulder, and turned her towards me. She was still glowing, but the glow turned a warm red. 

"Ara, how are you doing that?" I tried to calmly ask.

"I just did. I wanted to help, and I just did." Ara looked sad, and guilty as soon as the words tumbled from my lips.

"What are you?" I backed away.

She started to cry, and she ran away towards the front door. The light-weight grey fabric of her dress floated behind her. I turned to run towards her, but she jumped in the air. Jet black wings spread from Ara's back, and she began soaring higher. 

"Ara! Ara, please!" I shouted into the sky after her.

The End

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