Ara: FallenMature

A fallen angel take refuge with a rich seventeen year old, but is haunted by the demon doppelganger and his demon lover.

Opening my eyes, I screamed as I seen the tall green evergreen trees rushing towards me. I tumbled in the air, my grey dress flew up, and gravity pulled me down faster towards the earth. I hit the top of a tree, and pain shot up my entire arm. I almost screamed, but I fell further down the tree hitting almost every branch. Holding my arm, I began crying, but before long, my vision began to fade and I couldn't see the beautiful green forest

I open my eyes feeling the wind rush against my face. Moving my eyes, I glanced around the an unknown vehicle, noticing the boy in the driver's seat and the open window. I peered out the window seeing the bright red paint on the vehicle and the great condition, but I turned my attention to the driver. He had brown hair that curled at the ends, his teal eyes stared at the black pavement ahead. The boy did not seem to notice my awakening, but I was rather content without acknowledgement. What am I going to do with a girl? Should I just take her home? I wonder why her arm is bruised, why she was alone in the forest, and why she is wearing a torn dress? I mean, I do like the black lace underneath, but... His thought rang loudly in my mind. My cheeks flushed. An excruciating pain in my head pounded repeatedly as I tried to think of how I could hear his thoughts.

I relaxed slightly, and did not attempt to remember anything. We began driving through a small town. Every building we passed was made of stone or brick, dull, lifeless, as if nothing exciting happened. A church stood in the distance, it's old two towers standing tall against all the other buildings. My attention was drawn to it like a moth and a flame. It seemed so mysterious and secretive, but so abandoned and eerie. Cold flashes raced down my spine, giving my body small bumps along my skin.  The boy just kept driving ahead, not paying much attention to anything. We eventually made it out of town, and drove into a barren landscape. There was nothing but rolling hills of tall grass, wild flowers, and thick forests. I wearily shut my eyes, but opened them wide as the vehicle began to turn and I hit the side. Seeing the tall evergreen trees hiding a Second Empire Victorian Mansion, I could tell it was old, but had been refurbished. The manor was surrounded by a black iron fence, fresh grass, and a variety of grey stone paths. I longed to explore the area with wonder.

The boy stopped the car, stuffed the keys into his dark jean pocket, and shut his door. For a moment I thought he would have left me, but he came around my door so I closed my eyes, and I felt him gently pick me up. I leaned against his chest. I could feel his muscles, and tell he was strong. God, she is beautiful. She is also so light, I better get her inside before she freezes. I may find some clothes for her tonight if she wakes up. But why was she in the forest, my forest?

I opened my eyes to see his deeply seamed face, and looked into his bright teal eyes. At the dead center specks of yellow and orange were scattered among the teal. I found them beautiful to gaze into, I could not look away. I stared at his other features, such as his thin eyebrows, his roman nose, and thin lips. He looked down at me and gasped.

"You're awake! Oh God," he exclaimed running towards the door.

He opened the door and ran to the black couch in a parlor and set me down. He sat beside me and looked at me.

"Okay, what's your name, and how old are you? My name's Balthasar, and I'm seventeen."

"I am Ara and I am sixteen, but I can not seem to recall much else," I said, rubbing my head.

"Okay, well Ara you're staying with me. I'll make you dinner, and then we'll find you some clothes." Balthasar replied, looking at the tears in my dress, rubbing the nape of his neck.

I looked down to see my dress tattered, revealing black lace underneath. His pupils dilated, and I quickly covered the tears in the fabric, turning away blushing. Balthasar laughed, but he lifted me and carried me across his threshold to the kitchen. I felt safe in his arms, resting my head on his chest, and staring into his eyes. It felt so right, but something deep inside me felt wrong in every way.

"I'm just going to call you Ara," Balthasar whispered almost to himself.

The End

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