Name: John Dames
Known as: Johnny
Gender: male
Appearance: tall. Curly red hair. Shining green eyes. 'perfect' body. all the muscles in the right places. Has a birth mark shaped like a sword just below his right elbow.
Personality: serious, watchful, doesn't joke around. Prefers to be alone but loved spending time with his mates. He is quiet even when around those he knows and although he seems to be day dreaming all the time he never misses a thing.
Background: not sure yet ???

Name: Evelyn James

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short, about 5'2. Long, stright honey colered hair. Very plae with violet eyes. She very pretty, though has a almost dark, hunted look to her.

Persoitly: Very sweet, and kind, though not popular. She comes from a very Catholic family, though she feels like they are hidninig something from her. She is told she will never be married, that she is made to be a wife and mother, which offeneds her.
Background: A vampire, but doesn't know.


***Closed for Myself and Elf***

The End

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