Chantel goes to the village to buy some vegatables for the horse, who look rather skinny. She puts her usual black cloak over her teel blue dress and sets out for the village. She trips over a floor stone and her cloak comes off. Then a guy, Will, helps her up..... Reda the story to find out more.


Name: Chantel Rose Marialla

Age: 13

Appearance: Wavy dark brown hair, hazel eyes, think eyelashes, pale skin. Narrow face. Teel silky dress, tight top, then begins flowing at her hips. Wears no shoes, because she thinks shoes are to tight and that they keep her from expressing herself.

Personality: Very free, and outgoing. Doesn't like that she has to be proper and on her best behavior all the time. She is often scolded for messing up.

Education: Is tutored. Her father thinks that scholl is a bad influence on a princess.


Name: William Henry Antloose

Age: 14

Appearance: Sort of long, dirty blond hair, that fall just over his ears. Blue eyes, sharp face. A regualar size boy. Athletic body.

Personality: He likes Chantel very much. He's rather nice, despite his arrogant father.

Education: Home-schooled by his mother.




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The End

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