Fallen: Chapter TenMature


The face in front of me was mere inches away from my own. Blue eyes, bright blue, stared at me with incomprehensible emotion, hair as dark as midnight framed a pale face. He towered over me and it took me less than a second to realize who it was: the guy from the other night, in the restaurant. The one that had caused me to become a stuttering wreck. What was he doing here?

'W-what are you doing?'

He smiled, a slight tilt of his lips that made my heart go into overdrive, hammering wildly against my chest like before. Why on Earth did he have this effect on me? Who was he?

'Helping you out,' he murmured smoothly. Seconds later, we were accompanied by another set of footsteps, this one much quicker, with a lot more purpose. I started to hold my phone up in front of me, to see who was running, but the guy wrapped cool fingers around my wrist, pulling it away again.

He did something with his other arm, a simple gesture that caused something, or someone to fall to the floor with a thud. I was desperate to see what was going on, to assess how much danger I could be in, but it was too damn dark. 

'What did you do?' I whispered. When he finally let go of me, I wasted no time in illuminating the space in front of me. To my horror, I saw someone lying on the floor, bright red liquid spurting out of an obvious wound in his neck. I crouched down beside him, stupidly checking for a pulse, when my eyes met his. They were still open, staring at me with quiet resignation, a haunting glance in his final moments but that isn't what shocked me the most. 

It was my boss.

I scrambled back to my feet, my stomach lurched and I bent over again, retching. Nothing came though. 

'What did you do?!' I screamed, and then I started to run. Run away from this psycho. 

I couldn't see where I was going, my feet just ran blindly and I was sobbing freely now, tears streaming down my cheeks. What on Earth had just happened?! Was he going to kill me now?! I had to get out of here, run for safety. 

He was so much faster though. With unnatural speed and grace, he appeared in front of me, grabbing me by my shoulders.

'Say goodnight to normality,' he whispered. 

And then he bit me.

I struggled futilely in his iron grip, to no avail. Pain flared across my neck, my jaw, and warm liquid trickled down my skin. I was screaming, struggling, pushing and crying all at once, but nothing happened. Things started getting...blurry. My screams started to sound distant and distorted, almost like I was underwater. My already impaired vision began to swim, until darkness surrounded me entirely. Just when I thought I was on the brink of death, he let go. 

'You're going to forget about this,' he told me. I swayed on my feet, frowning and squinting, trying to see who was speaking to me, what was going on. 'You're going to have no memory of this at all, all you're going to remember is that you went to work but nobody was there. I offered you a lift home, we got talking, exchanged numbers and are now dating.'

'Okay,' I mumbled numbly. I was on the edge of passing out, nothing he said made any sense to me. 

'Good,' he smiled in satisfaction and let go.

The last thing I felt was my head hitting the ground.

* * *

I felt like absolute shit the next day. For some reason unknown to me, my neck ached and my head pounded. I couldn't still be hungover from Friday could I? I was disorientated for several moments, trying to place what day it was until I remembered that it was Monday, and I was late for school.

I yanked on the first thing I could find which happened to be a pair of blue jeans, a pink ruffled top and topped it off with a thin scarf.

I saw Hailey's reaction when I entered the room, an almost unnoticeable widen of her eyes, a slight crease appearing between her brows until she quickly recovered.

'You're looking...unusual,' she commented dryly, not really looking at me. I followed her gaze and saw her staring at the new kid, Gabriel.

'Thanks,' I muttered sarcastically.

'Is that a new top? And scarf?'

'Yeah, do you like them?' Were they new? I couldn't remember.. When had I bought them? I shrugged it off.

'Yes I do, but I didn't think you had any money.'

Neither did I. 'Oh, I found some in my purse. Decided to treat myself.' Why was I lying?

'Fair enough,' she obviously didn't care enough to comment as she turned in her seat to face me. 'You know the other night? At my house?'

I nodded wordlessly.

'You did see Gabriel there, didn't you? He was dancing with me wasn't he?'

How the bloody hell was I supposed to know? I couldn't remember that far back. I tried to smile, although it caused the pain in my neck to flare angrily so I gave up. 'I don't remember a thing about that night. I was wasted.'

'Yeah, but think,' she pressed on. 'He's saying he wasn't there when he so clearly was. I need witnesses. Back me up would you?'

I sighed in frustration. Why was it so important to her? My mind drifted back to the party, trying to picture Gabriel there. Someone was dancing with Hailey. Someone fair-haired. 'Yes! I definitely remember now thinking about it. He was getting really...'

'Intense? Passionate? Confident?' she offered hopefully.

'Sleazy,' I smirked. She hit me.

'Oh don't bring that up, you were the once dancing with that guy, grinding your stuff all over him.'

I stared at her gobsmacked, horrified at the thought. Surely I hadn't gotten that bad, had I?

'No but in all seriousness, why would he say that?'

'I don't know,' I shrugged, still shocked about the reference to my drunk state. 'Maybe he was too pissed to remember?' I said this last part a little more sharply than I'd intended but she didn't notice.

'Maybe,' she mused.

As the teacher told us to stop talking, I found myself glaring at Hailey. I don't know why but I suddenly felt this incredible urge to hit her. To wipe that spoilt, pretentious smirk off her stupid face...

Whoa. Where had that fit of anger come from?

Shocked at my behaviour and my thoughts, I turned to face the front, trying to concentrate on the class. 

The End

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