Fallen: Chapter SevenMature


I was already partially drunk by the time the party was in full swing. 

I chose to dance for a while with a couple of people in the main room, just letting my body move to the music. I knew I looked good. I had chosen to wear a simple black dress cut off way above the knees with tight material, showing off my figure. Several guys had already flirted with me although my eyes kept searching for one guy in particular who hadn't actually shown up yet.

Mia showed around 8ish, looking stunning in a tight blue dress. She had straightened her hair and given it a serious amount of volume. Her normally smoky blue eyes looked even more so with the black kohl and dark eyeshadow she had lined them with. 

'You look gorgeous Mia, get in here!'

'Are you drunk already?! It's only 8 o clock!'

'Only a tad,' I giggled. 'Lighten up! It's a party!'

I dragged her into the front room and started dancing again. She just looked uncomfortable though and I couldn't concentrate on having a good time when she was stood there with a face like a wet flannel.

'Hey Elliot,' I grabbed the hand of the nearest guy.

'My name's Tom!'

'Yeah cool. Can you please dance with Mia? She's feeling a little moody and to be quite frank is being a bit of a buzzkill.'

'Sure,' he replied eagerly. He started dancing with her and eventually she had to relent. At last I could properly enjoy myself.

Several shots of alcohol later and even Mia was enjoying herself. Her and Elliot/Tom had begun dancing a lot more provocatively, their bodies grinding against one another. 

The guy I was dancing with said he had to 'go take a leak' for a few moments so it was just myself until someone else joined me. They placed their hands on my hips and began dancing along with me. It wasn't until I turned round that I saw who it was.


'Well, aren't you feeling brave,' I winked at him.

'Maybe I am. Maybe I've decided to have fun and to not care.'

'That's the spirit,' I snaked my arms around his neck, swaying along to the music. 'You know, I barely know you but right now I'm just too drunk to care.'

'That's the spirit,' he mimicked my previous words and I grinned. He had completely come out of his shell, no longer was he the introverted, quiet boy I had been introduced to this morning but instead just like the other guys. Confident. Gorgeous. Arrogant.

'Hailey, what's this?' the guy from earlier appeared out of nowhere.

'I'm dancing with Gabriel.'

'What the fuck? Kid's barely here five minutes and already stolen my girl!' He fumed.

'I'm not your girl,' I scoffed. 'I'm no one's girl.'

He stormed off and I burst into a fit of sniggers, losing myself in the pulsating, throbbing music, alcohol and Gabriel.


My head was pounding.

The light, far too bright for my satisfaction, streamed in through the open curtains, causing me to wince in pain.

'Argh,' I groaned, stirring. Peering down the side of the sofa I was collapsed on, I found Mia and Tom/Elliot sleeping, their legs entwined together. She had black smudges under her eyes and he had the top two buttons of his shirt undone, his hair tousled.

Stumbling to the window to pull the curtains shut, I kicked Mia lightly in the side. She moaned and blinked up at me.


'Wake up you lazy sod. My mum's gonna be home any second. You gotta get him out of here.'

'Who?' She rolled her head to the side, spotted the guy who was still fast asleep and widened her eyes. 'Jeez, what happened last night? Did I...?'

'Not as far as I know. You did get a little sleazy with him but you didn't do anything.'

'Oh thank God, I don't even know the guy's name.'

I helped her up, with great effort on my part and we both shook the guy awake. After kicking everyone out, I sent Mia up to the bathroom to shower and get ready for her shift at work. It wasn't until I was sat alone in the living room that I remembered Gabriel.

What had happened with him last night? It was like he was a completely different person... I didn't know he was like that.

I stifled a giggle.

But I wondered where he had disappeared to. I had no recollection of him leaving... 

Oh well, I shrugged my shoulders. At least I danced with him. 

Minutes later, the door opened and my mum entered.

'Hailey?!' she shouted. 

Oh shit.


The End

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