Fallen: Chapter SixMature


Hailey seemed incredibly reluctant to share any supposed "information" she had scooped on the new kid which I knew meant one thing: he was hers. So much for helping her best friend. I couldn't help feeling like a desperate little girl though. Maybe she was right, maybe my time would come. 

'So,' Hailey took another sip of her cappucino. 'What time do you have work?'

I checked my watch. 'In half an hour.'

'Wanna meet up afterwards? Everyone's gonna come to mine and we're all just gonna chill. Music and alcohol will be involved. Plus Gabriel.' She winked at me.

'You invited him already? You barely know the guy.' My tone came out a little harsher than I'd intended and Hailey's large brown eyes widened even further, depicting nothing but innocence.

'I want to make him feel welcome. What better way than to be friends with us lot, right? He'll make friends with the guys and soon enough he'll be in with the "popular crowd".' She laughed and I had to join in with her. We both knew how much we hated that phrase "popular crowd" as it made us seem like vain, pretentious snobs from an American TV show or something. 

'Fair enough,' I smiled easily. 

'So is that a yes to the party?' 

'Go on then.'

'Good girl. You made a wise choice.'

'Yeah,' I laughed. 'I'm sure. Anyway, I really should go change for work. Your brother isn't going to walk in on me changing again like last time right?'

Hailey burst into a fit of laughter at the memory of possibly the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me in my life. I had been changing in Hailey's bedroom for work when her older, very good looking brother had walked straight in. I had been standing in my underwear, absolutely mortified.

'No,' she giggled. 'He's out at work.'

'Good,' I sighed, grabbing my bag and heading up the stairs. Hailey's house was really nice and I liked to think of it as my home, seeing as I spent most of my time here. Her parents were lovely to me and there were times I was annoyed at Hailey when she didn't act grateful for the things she had. Although I tried to make sure this wasn't often..

I crossed down the wide, spacious hallway and into the second door on the right. Hailey's room was immaculate and very sophisticated. Her parents earned a hell of a lot of money, which meant she could get all the luxuries in life, even though they were divorced. If anything she used this to her advantage, guilt tripping them into buying her nice things. She had a huge double bed set amongst a pale blue themed room. Her walls were painted alternating colours. Two opposite walls were white, the other two were sky blue. The plush carpet was blue and had a fluffy darker blue rug set at the foot of the bed on the floor. Floor length sapphire coloured curtains fluttered in the warm breeze from the open window which overlooked the valley.

To say I was jealous would be an understatement.

I pulled the curtains closed and began getting changed.


Ten minutes until I could go...

The hands on the clock seemed to tick by irritatingly slow and I sighed in frustration. My hands moved in a circular motion, over and over again, trying to get the food stain off the table. 

Nine minutes until I could go...

When I was satisfied the stain had disappeared, I reset it all and moved onto the next table.

'Emmia!' I turned round at the sound of my boss' voice, the only person who actually called me by my full name. 'Can you serve this customer please?'

To my surprise I noticed someone had sat at an empty seat two tables away from the one I was cleaning. I pulled the notepad and pen out of my pocket and put on a happy smile.

'Hello, can I take - ' I trailed off as he stared up at me, suddenly feeling incredibly intimidated. He was... striking in his appearance. With eyes that cut straight through you. His hair, so dark it would pass for black framed a pale face and the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen. I had completely forgotten what I was going to say, my mind had turned into a jumbled mess.

Right now he was staring at me such intensity I was rendered speechless.

'Can you take my order?' he offered. His voice was smooth, melodic and completely captivating.

I simply nodded, too lost for words. What on Earth was happening to me?

'You wouldn't sell what I wanted. Although...' his eyes moved from mine and they lingered on my lips, down to my neck. I suddenly felt incredibly self conscious.

'We might,' I mumbled, fighting to stay polite despite the fact that I wanted to run in the opposite direction.

'You wouldn't,' he assured me, looking away. 'I'll just sit here thanks.'

'Okay well... if you need anything let me know. Well. Not me, because I'm finishing now. But whoever is serving. If you do. If not then you don't have to. Obviously.'

Oh my God Mia, shut the Hell up. You're making such an idiot of yourself.

'Will do,' he replied coolly. 

I turned round and started to head off when he said something. It sounded like Mia, but when I looked back, he had gone leaving no traces of him ever having been there.

The End

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