Fallen: Chapter FourMature

The rain was falling hard, it ricocheted off the rooftops hitting the ground with tiny splatters, creating puddles and soaking everything it touched. The clouds, a sickening shade of grey, rolled by overhead and a deep rumble of thunder could be heard. 

Somewhere amongst all of this, a man emerged from his house, tugging his raincoat tighter round his body, pulling his hood up to cover his eyes, clutching the item in his pocket with sick resignation. He knew he wouldn't make it but he had to try. For her sake. She was all he had. He was all she had. How could he leave her?

He made it in perfect time. Just as they had agreed. Only one thing was missing, something that was needed. Something that might just keep him alive. However, he decided he had the element of surprise on his side and he prayed that would be enough.

Minutes later, another figure came into view. This one was taller, a lot more intimidating and he moved with unnatural grace. Like a predator stalking it's prey. When he spoke it seemed to silence the thunder, the rain and even this man's own frantic heartbeat. 

It silenced all.

'I didn't think you'd turn up.'

'I have to,' the first man shook his head. His fingers were quivering in his pocket. He had to stop. The other one would sense something.

Sure enough, the stranger's eyes flashed down to the man's pocket.

'Have you brought it?'

Here it was. This is where he would fight. 


He wasn't as angry as he would have thought. His eyes flashed, his smile faltered but he never rose his voice. He never lashed out. He simply sighed.

'Very well. So this is how it's going to be.'

'This is how it's going to be.'

The stranger reached his hand out towards the frozen man with the shaky hand.

'Come here.'

The man did as was instructed, never once letting go of the item in his pocket. 

'Are you ready to die?'


In one lightening fast move, the man brought out his hand, the item clutched desperately in his grip, raised it in the air, caught the look of surprise on his assailant's face and smiled, euphoric. I've actually done it. I'm going to make it. I can go home. I can make her proud.

But luck was not on his side.

Even quicker, the stranger had the man's armed pinned behind his back, one arm round his throat and the item had fallen to the floor. He glanced down at it and he smiled.

'Obviously you would know what I was by now. But unfortunately for you, it's too late. You were too late to save her.'

At that precise moment, a bolt of lightening shot through the sky, accompanied seconds later by the most deafening sound of thunder the struggling man had ever heard.

It drowned out his final screams.

The End

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