Fallen: Chapter TwoMature

November 1st 1869

I am terribly sorry it has been a while since I last wrote to you. I have just been so...preoccupied with things. Lucas mainly. As each day passes I yearn to find out more and more about him, I have never felt this way about anyone, surely it's detrimental to my health? I have not seen him since that time by the river, although I have been hearing things... I did speak to his companion.

His friend, well what can I say about him?

He's... wild, dangerous, forbidden and tempting...

Oh my gosh, I have no idea what on Earth possessed me to write that about him... I did speak to him and he did seem a little...menacing if I'm being honest, but he wouldn't hurt me, would he? He wouldn't hurt a girl? Especially one he did not know. 

He introduced himself as Maverick. What kind of a name is that? It's so uncommon. He's quite intimidating as well, a complete contrast to Lucas. His hair is an impossible shade of black, it looks almost a very dark blue in some lights, the colour of midnight. His skin is unnaturally pale and his eyes, so piercing and penetrating. I feel about three inches tall when he unleashes the full force of them on me. He just makes me want to stay well out of his way. Perhaps I shall do that from now on...



November 4th, 1869

I was down at John Maccoy's house with father and little Victoria today. Father was discussing business with John whilst me and Victoria were out in their garden. It is a huge vast land with oak trees, bright colourful flowers and a little pond at the very back. It was one of our favourite places to come.

Unfortunately, however, we were interrupted. 

I was keeping an eye on my little sister who was playing with the dogs when I heard a voice behind me, one that sent chills down my spine.

'What are you doing here?' 

It was, of course, Maverick. I could see he was furious, that much was obvious from the way he glared down at me. I was genuinely terrified! I didn't know what this stranger was capable of! Along with the fear I was also astonished, never mind what I was doing there, what was he doing here?

'My father, he has some business with John,' I tried to be calm, but my voice deceived me.

As it turns out, Maverick and Lucas are staying with John!! Can you believe that? Apparently he's their great uncle, he doesn't look old enough but still, what a small world... So I'll more than likely be seeing a lot more of Lucas and Maverick...

I am not quite sure how I feel about that.


The End

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