October 14th, 1869

I saw him again today.

That strange, intriguing boy. I also managed to catch his name as his friend  spoke it. Lucas. It seems to fit him well, I can picture him as a Lucas. He didn't see me watching him, he was too preoccupied with the conversation at hand. 

Oh he's beautiful, he really is. His hair is a fair blonde and the sun always manages to catch it at the right angle, bringing out the lighter shades and giving him a golden halo. I only saw the back of him today, so I'm not familiar with the rest of his features but I can imagine they are as beautiful as the rest that I did see.

Oh, only time will tell.




October 19th, 1869

Well, time certainly did tell.

I saw him in perfect view today, and I was not disappointed. I know this portrays me as vain and shallow but you have no idea what it's like, living here. I can only imagine it's like someone that's been good their entire life, getting that first sip of rebellion; it's intoxicating.

They want more.





October 25th 1869

He spoke to me today. Oh it was beautiful. His voice is just as lovely as his appearance. 

I was sat down by the river, a small part of me hoping I would see him, just watching the world go by. I watched the summer sunshine play on the water, illuminating it with jewels and sparkles. 

'This is my favourite place to come when I need time to think,' I heard an unfamiliar voice behind me.

I knew it was him, deep in my gut I knew, and yet it did not stop the surprise and delight from coursing through me, staggering and completely unjustified it rendered me speechless. I could only stare up at him, marvel in his beauty looking like the fool I was.

'Sorry if I disturbed you, I shall leave you to it.' He began to walk off when I found my speech again.

'Wait,' I managed to call out. 'Sorry I just...I was daydreaming.' A pretty poor excuse but the best one I could think of at the time.

He laughed, a wonderfully melodic sound. He chose to sit beside me, only mere inches away, and we watched the river together. Not much was said after that. He introduced himself as Lucas (like I didn't know!) and that was about it. The silence wasn't uncomfortable, it just felt right. 

What more am I to learn of this stranger?


The End

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