Fall of the Immortals

This is Part one of my story. "Epilogue" is a prefered term for this. More available on my DA account (Deviant Art)

‘Mommy! Mommy, look!’ little kid shouted in excitement as he held a barely hatched snake. He was looking towards a tall figure. Her long black hair run all the way down to her waist. She was looking away from the little boy, looking away, looking at the sunset. As small clouds approached the red setting sun, a sudden flash of light struck across the sky like a lightning, cutting the sky in uneven halves, scarred like if has been cut with a lightning. And on the end furthest away a blade that pierced the sky, made of pure light. The boy looked at it in awe, as his mother fell to her knees.

‘Mom? Mom!’ The boy shouted as he ran to her, and as she began to descent he supported her. She looked at him smiling warmly as her eyes turned stone black, and soon like burning paper she turned into shadow and disappeared out of the boys hands, and the air was filled with the young boy’s agonised screams of pain.

And soon the world around the boy was set into darkness of the night, the night that would last for years, years to no end...

The End

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