Valeer - Scaled Heart of The Red One

'You attempt to guide the hands of Fate' She said. 'It is not wise.'

'There is no way to guide them,' Valeer thought back, 'If anything, I just hurried this business along.'

'You fear your Blood Prophecy. You think to be king your brothers must die, and you tried to save Merrikye. It is true that this is likely, but prophecy rarely works with the understanding of mortals. Even I, who tasted your destiny cannot know how it will rise. All that can be known is that you will be king.'

There was a high scream and Valeer looked over as Greggor stood up from his disc. He clutched his head and stumbled backwards knocking the egg away from him.

"Get out!" He shouted accusingly at it. He tripped over his own feet then and landed face first in one of the trenches of molten rock. There was a loud sizzle but the next scream that would have come died in his throat.

'His heart did not beat as ours.' She said. One of the walls of the dark corners began to move and pulse. Valuryon, The Red One unfurled her wings and walked over to the giant pool of molten rock. She slid into the lava with a quiet splash.

'No. No it did not.' He walked over to the clerics and began to unchain them.

The End

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