I just sat quietly looking at the floor and Jase slid down next to me, “I think she thinks it was me,” I whispered.

“and was it?” he asked.

“don’t be a twat all your life Jase, why the hell would I do that. Granted I was pretty angry at the pair of you but there is no way I would have.... could have  done it,” my head dropped into my hands and became aware of the silent tears rolling down my face. I was at a loss. I had no idea what to do now and I felt like a failure, I had lost it all. I stood up and looked at everyone then ran. I just kept running I had no idea where I was going or how far I just ran barely registering the call of the others.

I found myself sitting where I had first found her at the edge of the lake, I had no idea why I came here but I guess I wanted to be somewhere I recognised, somewhere quiet. “Hello,” I spun round and faced the familiar voice. “Hunter?” I asked  recognising is tall broad figure, he was one of Faiths ex-boyfriends and he bore a grudge against anyone she now goes out with which unfortunately happened to be me. “uhhh hi. How are you?” I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

“what you doing here?” he asked

“just wanted to come somewhere quiet, had a long few days,” I replied truthfully “what about you?”

“Oh this and that,” he smiled mischievously.

“right, well, I best be off I suppose,” I smiled at him but even I could tell it wasn’t genuine. I started to walk away but he grabbed me by the shoulder. “Hunter?” I spun round to face him, his expression was of pure anger. A flash and a sharp pain in my side I glanced down to see the tip of a knife. “It was you wasn’t it?” I said surprised by how calm my voice was compared to what was going on in my head.

“yeh, well I couldn’t just let her waste her life with you could I?” he said venomously.

“so, what, you just though killing her would make it all better?” I was biding my time trying to think of some sort of solution I knew I had my mobile in my pocket but I had no idea how I was going to get to it without Hunter noticing. “you thought... What? What the hell where you thinking?” I hated Hunter.

“I was thinking that if I couldn’t persuade her that you where a no good liar then I would save her another way. Even if that meant death,” his eyes gleamed at the idea.

“you’re sick,”  I spat out venomously “you’re sick and twisted and what happened back then is over,” 

“Oh yeh? Is that what you’ve been telling yourself?” he laughed suddenly he swung back his arm and punched me. I laughed “ so what are you going to do now kill me?” I laughed again standing up and wiping a spot of blood from the edge of my mouth.

“yeh that’s the idea,” he said pulling back his arm again for another blow.

The End

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