I sat at home watching TV when my mobile rang next to me. An unknown number “hello?” I asked when I picked it up. “Meet me. 10 minutes. Outside the carpark.” ‘click’ the dial tone sounded as the mysterious person hung up. Now where had I heard that voice before? It sounded so familiar but who the hell was it?

 I leaned back against the wall and checked the time I had a few minutes and it wouldn’t take me long to get there. I crawled to the end of the bed where my pile of clothes was, pulling on a pair of jeans and a top. Before pulling on some tatty trainers and a hoodie before grabbing my keys and heading off for the carpark where I first told Eric about me and Faith kissing I couldn’t see anyone but that didn’t mean anything, there were plenty of places to hide I sat on the wall. It was a cold night and I pulled up my hood and scanned the carpark there didn’t appear to be anyone around checked the time on my mobile it was 12 o’clock exactly when my mystery caller wanted to meet up. I looked up to see about 10 hooded figures walking towards me. I was surrounded, and rather scared. They stopped about 10 meters away from me one stepped forward, “you think you could just try to kill her and get away with it?” he said menacingly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said shakily. He pulled his hood down to reveal the face I was expecting, Eric, “look mate if you’re talking about what i told you earlier I was trying to help you out you deserved to know,” I stood with a little more confidence but i was still aware of the 9 or so other people standing around me.

He strode up to me grabbing the front of my hoodie and shoved me roughly against the wall, I felt something cold and sharp dig into my side and I looked down to see a 6inch blade in a gloved fist digging into the material of my hoodie I looked back up to see Eric his eyes practically glowing red with anger, whatever it was he was talking about had to be alot worse than what I’d said.

“What the hell happened to Faith?” I asked suddenly more worried about her than I was about myself. He stopped, “hang on, you really don’t know do you?” he backed up as everyone else pulled back there hoods, Dylan, James, Jack, Joey, Freddie, Sidney’s boyfriend Luke, Sidney, Jenny and her boyfriend Zach. “well that is what I’ve been trying to tell you,” I said still shaking slightly, “where you really going to stick that thing in me?” I looked back at the knife, it looked like an ordinary kitchen knife, he tucked it back in his pocket and lent against the wall next to me “she’s in hospital,” he said quietly head in hands.

“what?” I said staring at him in disbelief “what happened?” I said quietly, not sure whether I wanted to know the answer.

“someone attacked her in the park she’s in hospital,” he said quietly sitting down on the floor.

The End

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