Oh god please don’t let her have thought it was me who could it have been. Oh god, it couldn’t, could it? Jase? Would he really go to such measures I know he loved her but would he go as far as to kill her. I have to confront him and find out for myself but then if it wasn’t him who was it. I felt so tired and confused my head was splitting and all I wanted to do was lay down and sleep forever but I knew Faith needed me. I looked through the glass and saw two cops, one sitting next to her bed and one standing in the corner taking notes. Faith looked so small sat up in her bed her hair was a mess but she still looked beautiful. I saw her say my name and immediately got worried, no she’s probably just saying how I helped her out I said trying to calm myself down. The cop nodded, stood up and left as soon as they had gone I went in and sat back down next to her “hey,” her voice was still a bit rough but it was much better,

“hey hunnie how are you?” I asked taking her hand, she was much, much warmer and could sit up better now,

“better thanks but a bit tired,” she smiled weakly “I might get some sleep if you don’t mind,”

“of corse, you need to get better,” I kissed her softly and left to get a coffee bumping into her parents on the way. “how is she?,” her mum asked,

“tired, I just left her sleeping but she’s much better the cop’s just interviewed her, she remembered something,” my voice shook slightly at the end but they hardly noticed. “Im just off to get a coffee and I might go home and sort some stuff out there,”

The End

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