"officers, the young lady would like to speak with you now" I said to the two police officers.  "Please be gentle with her, she is still in a lot of pain and confused about what happened" I worried that the questions they ask may upset her or she may find the whole idea of talking about and reliving what happened overwhelming. "we will be very careful and sensitive with her" said a smiling, young WPC who had a kind and calming look about her which made me feel  ever so slightly more at ease with the thought of them talking with her, "will you be needing the  lad that’s in with her?" I asked, partly because I was worried for him too as he was displaying signs that he was suffering from shock but also because I thought it would be easier for the young girl to speak more openly with the police if there was no one around to distract her attention. I walked back into the room, "sonny would you come with me please we need to give you the once over"

"me? uh, what? no I’m fine I just want to stay here, with Faith" came the reply. "come on it won’t take but a few minutes to check you out, you'll be back here before you know it" I told him in a firm but reassuring voice, "OK" he answered reluctantly having conceded he had to come with me regardless of whether or not he actually wanted to.

The End

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