POLICE?? Wtf?? What does she want to speak to them for? It was an accident wasn’t it, just an awful and unfortunate accident after all?? Or was it, who would do something like this to her?? I racked my brain trying to think but drew a blank, I felt sick to my stomach at the thought  that she may have been attacked. Thank got I had come along when I had, I don’t even know why I went there, it was a subconscious choice, perhaps it was because I felt safe there. The amount  of time I spent walking hand in hand with Faith, the hundreds of sunsets we watched together cuddled up on the bench at the very spot where she slipped and fell in, had she slipped? Now I wasn't so sure, she didn’t seem to think so or she wouldn't be asking for the police would she? I knew one thing for sure, I loved her, I trusted her and no matter what a happened I wouldn't ever doubt her not even after the whole Jase thing, if Faith told me it had rained pink elephants I would take it as gospel. I feel completely helpless stood here, wanting with all my heart to hold her in my arms and tell her that everything is going to be ok, trying to speak those comforting words failing miserably as every time I open my mouth all I could hear was silence, then it hit me, a terrifying thought..... did she think that I had anything to do with this??

The End

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