I woke up to the scream of the ambulance siren and I felt a ward hand in mine “whu?” I managed to mumble, still pretty out of it, “Faith, it’s me Eric,” the sound of his voice filled me with happiness.

“Where am I,” my voice slurred and my eyes wildly searching for him as I couldn’t move my head. “You’re in an ambulance, you fell in the lake and hit your head pretty hard,” his voice sounded worried but I was more concerned in remembering what happened.


The ambulance pulled up and they pulled me out running through the hospital shouting for a doctor, I drifted in and out of consciousness as the doctors ran round me checking my pulse and shining lights in my eyes the one thing I really concentrated on was Eric he was stood in the corner broad shoulders looking so small in a world that he didn’t understand. “Eric?” my voice was quiet and I was so worried he didn’t hear me but he looked at me suddenly as if pulled from a dream. “It’s okay im here,” he didn’t come any closer but then I guess after the exciting saving my life situation he still remembered Jase and remembered what happened. It hurt that he wouldn’t come any closer but I guess I understood why. I rested my head back on the pillows my chest ached and I was incredibly tired but I couldn’t sleep the beeping of the heart monitor shooting pain through my head. Suddenly I started remembering fragments of what happened I remembered being pushed and a harsh laugh as I fell into the lake then black out.  while feeling dazed and confused about the events of earlier that evening I tried to piece together what had actually happened, not sure if I had been the victim of a random attack or whether this had been pre-meditated, a chill rushed through me, I couldn't shake off that feeling of unrest. it seemed as if i knew who did this to me, if only I could remember. but all i could see were flashbacks of a dark silhouette, a blur of a person seen from beneath the surface of the lake. the more I tried to focus, to try and pick out a face from the darkness or even just the slightest recognisable feature to help me identify the creep, but to my dismay the more I tried to make sense of the mess  was caught up in the more I noticed the throbbing pain in my head, perhaps talking to the police and telling them of my suspicions would help, maybe even jog my memory. I didn’t know for sure but it couldn’t hurt to try, I had to do something, anything at all. I was pushed! This much I knew for sure, “there was someone behind me,” I muttered. “What did you say sweetie?” a young nurse said as she checked my pulse against the little watch hanging from her top. “oh, urm, can I talk to someone? A policeman maybe?” Eric looked at me in surprise, a puzzled look upon his face, I could tell he was trying to work things out but he remained silent, still stood at the far side of the room. "I’ll see what I can do for you" said the nurse before she left me to head out of the room.

The End

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