I decided to go for a walk to clear my head the cool calm breeze of Rooksbury mill beckoned me and I set of towards it.


The well worn path around the lake was familiar and the water rippled calmly from the edge i sat on the bench and glanced round at the trees trying to spot the familiar sound of the  birds before noticing something red on the ground I bent down to pick up a familiar IPod case I flipped it open to reveal my suspicions, it was Faiths still playing our song Paramore – caught myself. She wouldn’t have just left this behind looked round and spotted ripples coming from some sort of movement “no, no, no,” I immediately thought the worst and dived in the water, fully clothed, the first thing I noticed was her red hair floating and swaying with the movement of the water, the second thing was the blood dispersing from her head, ‘Shit’ I thought I grabbed her from under the arms and pulled her back up to the surface. As I pulled her onto shore she started coughing I sighed with relief but I knew she wasn’t out of the woods yet “Faith? Can you hear me?” I shouted laying her down.

“Yes I can bloody well hear you, what the hell happened?” she sounded groggy and disorientated.

“look stay still, you’ve hit your head pretty bad,” I pulled off my jumper and folded it up and put it under her head, she gasped as I move her head but didn’t pull away “I need to call an ambulance i said pulling a wet phone from my pocket, “shit,” I stared at the blank screen “Okay stay here i need to get help,” I stood up and ran to the car park, I knew I wasn’t supposed to leave her but there wasn’t anything else i could do, I ran to the first house I could reach and banged on the door, “HELP! HELP PLEASE!” the lights flicked on behind the door and the door opened to reveal a short elderly woman who looked me up and down “well, what’s the big emergency?” she said scathingly.

“I need to use your phone there’s been an accident by the lake someone’s injured possibly critical,” her faced changed from that of bored to that of scared within a matter of seconds “where is she?” she said down by the lake but she’d already gone inside “John, JOHN get your arse down here,” a tall skinny looking teenager came downstairs in a shirt and Jeans. “What?” he looked bored.

“I need you to go with this young lad, there’s been an accident down by the lake,” she turned to me “im going to call the police and an ambulance then I’ll come down and help as best I can, now GO!” We ran I hurriedly told John the situation. We got there I was constantly thinking to myself ‘please be alive, oh hell please be alive’ I so wanted to tell her how I really felt, that I wasn’t really angry with her we found her still lying down but she was unconscious again luckily still breathing, she was cold so I pulled off my shirt and wrapped it round her, “we need to keep her warm,” I said breathless and shivering slightly, John pulled off his coat and threw it over her. Suddenly we were surrounded by paramedics both me and John had to back up, “do you know who she is,” one of them called.

“urm, yeh she’s my girlfriend,” I said while one of the other paramedics wrapped a towel round my shaking limbs.

“is there any way we can get hold of the parents?” he asked

“urm, no there out of town for a while, can I come with her,” I said as the lifted her up of the ground on a stretcher.

 “yeh, sure,” he said looking at me for the first time, he was tall blond and intelligent looking with a keen step the two paramedics carried her to an ambulance with blue flashing lights and opened the back door sliding her in on the wheeled bed they stepped back allowing me to slide in next to it I looked at her pale face, closed eyes her hair was wet and messy at there was  a white pad strapped to her head with bandage, my eyes wandered to her hands which were wrapped in wet bandage, I pulled them off to revival badly split knuckles which I pointed out to the paramedic who was now writing on a clipboard, she reached up above Faith and pulled out some packed which she opened and pulled out some fresh bandages and put them on over Faiths knuckles.


Eventually Faith woke up, we were still in the ambulance as Faith slowly opened her eyes, “whu?” she mumbled.

“Faith, It’s me Eric,” I smiled gently reaching for her hand,

“where am I,” she said her eyes searching around as she was strapped in a neck brace

“you’re in an ambulance, you fell in the lake and hit your head pretty hard,” her hand was still cold but I was glad she was still alive.

The End

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