I skated home and sat in my room anger and hurt raging through me. I put on Rage Against The Machine-Killing in the name of. Faith hated that song. I put it through my headphones and turned it up to full drowning out all thought and picked up my sketchpad and started drawing whatever came to mind, a couple kissing against a wall, a dagger piercing a heart. After about half an hour I put my sketchpad down and just shut my eyes and let the music wash over me images of Faith poured through my head and hurt, like an invisible blade was being driven through my chest, how could she do this, I loved her. My head was pounding so I went and switched the light off and the CD player and laid down in the dark. I envisioned myself ripping Jase to shreds but that still didn’t really help much.

My phone started buzzing I looked at the caller ID and noticed it was Faith I pressed ignore and waited for it to tell me I had a voicemail. It beeped and I flicked it up and listened Faiths voice sounded desperate and shaky “Eric, Eric I know you’re there. Please. Just call me back.” I considered calling her but went against it and decided to let her stew for a while, also to see who the first person she goes to is.


I woke up the not long after 10, still in the same clothes, and checked my phone I had 13 missed call’s and 20 messages I fell back on to the bed and started scrolling through them. It took half an hour before I got to the last desperate voicemail by which time I was strongly considering calling her back and just going back to the way things were but I held back  leaving her to it. I could just remember her face when Jase told me about it, at first she looked shocked then when i asked her if it was true she looked sad then when I asked her if she liked it she looked guilty and i knew even before she said anything. How could she? I thought she hated him.

The End

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