I stood in utter silence as grief washed over me “no,” I whispered I closed my eyes as the tears streaked down my face I heard something smash and opened my eyes Eric was grabbing empty glass bottles off the side and throwing them on the floor, everyone of them felt like they was smashing into my soul cutting into it he screamed and fell to his knees.

 “3 years, 3 YEARS,” he screamed “we’ve been going out for 3 years and this is what I get,” I heard the tears in his voice and I was dying inside. All I wanted was to go and comfort him, I glanced at Jenny for help and she urged me to go to him I wandered slowly up to his side gently touching his shoulder, he tensed and relaxed looking up at me eyes red and tear streaks running down his cheeks. He stood up shakily and looked me in the eyes, “at least tell me you didn’t enjoy it,” his voice was monotone, “look me in the eyes and tell me that.”

My memories flashed back to then Jase roughly pushing me up against the lockers and his mouth meeting mine and me pushing him off. To start with. Eventually I gave in and even now the memory stung with guilt, “I... I,” I looked at Jase his smile was smug almost glorified causing surge of anger to pulse through me and I faced back to Eric, “I didn’t,” my voice rang out and I heard Jase’s angry growl from beside me and Eric sighed, “and to top it all off you lie to me,” he looked drawn and tired he brushed past me and I heard the clatter of his board against the tarmac and the sound of his wheels as he rolled away closely followed by about five or six set of wheels i felt the heavy hand of Jenny come to rest on my shoulder “you should get home,” her gentle voice barely registered but my body managed to respond on its own as she led me home.

The End

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