We’d just finished breakfast when I heard a knock at the front door Faith got up to get it and immediately I regretted it as two squealing girls walked through the front door behind her, Sidney in bright red skinnies and a black and white striped top and Jenny in black skinnies and a bright blue top with some weird picture of a kitten with a green brain sticking out. “Hi girls,” I faked a smile and Faith smiled back sympathetically “Jenny was just saying how they thought we should go out to town with them and see the others. What do you think?” I knew exactly what I thought but I could see Faith really wanted to go out so I agreed and we got our coats and left. We wandered into town and found the others hanging out in the usual spot in ASDA’s sheltered car park the guy’s where skating and I joined in pulling my board out of my backpack while Faith went and stood with the girls.

“aite mate,” I said rolling up to Dylan

“alright,” he said jumping off his board “how’s your girl?” he nodded at Faith who was now sitting on the wall laughing at something one of the others had said, I smiled.

“she’s fine I told her about Jase and he came round last night,” I sighed “he kicked up a fuss of corse and we had an argument but it’s okay now,”

“jeez well just as long as he doesn’t try to come down here because he’ll get a hell of a kicking,” he said menacingly. I smiled. We got back on our boards and pulled a few tricks before the girls got board and started complaining I noticed Faith looking behind us and i turned round and saw him, Jase, immediately I started getting angry “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING HERE?” I shouted

“FREE COUNTRY AINT IT!” he shouted back a strange smile on his face. What was he thinking? I immediately looked at Faith who was all but hidden behind a group of fiery looking girls “oh yeh there you go again trying to defend her and her gang of stupid little sluts,” he laughed and I heard and almost inhuman snarl from behind me, Jase flinched slightly but then remained impassive . I wanted to launch myself at him, he had no right to be here “common man just leave it we can leave go back to my place and hangout,” Dylan muttered in my ear.

“no this needs to be sorted. Now,” I shrugged him off and heard him walk over to the group of girls.

“come on then what are you waiting for,” I drawled I knew how he worked and I was going to use that to my advantage “she’s mine and there’s nothing you can do about it,” I smiled, so did he?

“oh really that not how it worked last week when she was kissing me by her locker after school,” he grinned. I spun round to look at her and so did everyone else “t...tell me it’s not true. Please for god’s sake please tell me he’s lying,” I stared at her long red hair shining in the sunlight and tears streaming from her eyes.

“I...,” her voice was choked with tears, “I’m sorry,” was all she could say, my vision blurred and the world seemed to tilt the floor rushing up towards me I felt someone’s hands catch me and I heard Dylan’s voice “calm down mate, breath,” he helped me up and things slowly came back into focus. I looked up “im so, so, sorry,” Faith was in front of me eyes streaming, “oh god please, it was him, he came at me I couldn’t do anything,”

“yeh, corse,” I stepped back, “but you were never going to tell me, were you,”              

The End

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