I turned the TV down so I could hear everything and punched Jenny’s mobile number into the home phone. She picked up on the third ring “heya hunnie,” her voice was light and airy and i could just imagine her sitting on the sofa watching junk TV in her bright pink skinnies and a black long sleeved top and her wavy long hair done up in a ponytail “hey,” I replied “you will never guess what happened last night,”

“what did you and Eric.... you know....”

“What?.. No but I wish, anyway it was Jase he came round,” I told her everything, about the fight and about Jase coming round.

“ohh-emm-gee are you okay? Did anyone get hurt?”

 “only Jase’s ego other than that i think everything’s okay. Im just worried about if he comes over again, I don’t think Eric would be able to handle it. You should have seen him last night he was literally shaking with anger,” I shook my head and sat back on the sofa “and what the hell do i do when I get back to school. Not only do I have Jase to deal with Ruby said Chris has been acting a bit friendly towards me. If you get the drift,”

“It seems as soon as you find one boy they all want you look we’ll deal with Chris and Jase when we get back to school. For now just relax with Eric and if Jase does show just tell him to fuck off,”  I smiled I could always trust Jenny to help “cheers hunnie,”

“don’t worry. Say hi to Eric for me. Bye,”

“Bye,” I hung up and wandered into the kitchen “Something smells nice in here,” I smiled and cuddled Eric resting my head on his shoulder .

“so who was on the phone?” he asked.

“Jenny. What’s cooking, it smells good,” I said hastily diverting from the subject I wasn’t sure whether I was going to tell him about telling Jenny what happened. I didn’t want him to get angry like last night. I was still slightly scared at that.

“done,” he said cheerily tipping the bacon and eggs on the plates we wandered into the living room and sat to watch whatever was on TV. I knew eventually Jenny would tell  Sidney which was okay with me as I knew that meant more people to ward Jase off back at school along with during the holidays. Mostly it was just our trio myself, Jenny and Sidney. Both myself and Sidney where redheads Jenny had black hair and looking at us showed that we should clash entirely. Myself, I tended to dress as an adventure girl camo patterned trousers and light cotton tops or three quarter length jeans. Jenny, dressed mostly in smart style dresses either that or drop dead brand tops and black skinnies and Sidney in bright coloured skinnies and stripes, lots and lots of stripes. Like i said clash but the strange thing is we seemed to get along. Myself and Eric where similar we kind of matched, Eric tended to wear checked shirts and Jeans when he went out he liked to wear a leather Jacket that hugged his toned body in all the right places and when it came to scrubbing up he looked good. I looked at him now, he was wearing a black and grey top and washed out grey jeans he noticed me looking at him “See something you like?” he smiled. I smiled back but even I felt it was a shadow and that things weren’t as they should be “look he’s not coming back I promise,” he assured me and for some reason I believed him.

The End

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