The next morning I woke up to find myself lying next to Faith in her room. It took me a while before I remembered the things that had happened the night before between Jase, Faith and myself and I started to shake with anger and had to get quickly out of bed before I woke Faith up. I looked at her, she looked calm and completely oblivious to the woken world around her and I immediately calmed  down and stopped shaking. I couldn’t afford to lose it. Not with Faith so close. I went downstairs and poured a  glass of water with shaky hands trying to calm down “Eric?” I heard Faiths soft, sleepy voice from upstairs and went back up to see her “im just here babe what is it?”

“I missed you,” her eyes where half closed and she had a small smile on her face, she looked like and angel even with bed hair.


“I missed you too beautiful,” I said softly “did you want some breakfast?”

“yeh just gimme a while to get up and sort myself out,” she said

“okay ill go downstairs and stick something on the TV” I wandered downstairs and stuck some music video channel on. Some chavy song finished and our song, Paramore -  caught myself , started to play. I bobbed my head along to the beat and smiled turning the volume up so faith could hear the song. She came downstairs in a white, short sleeve shirt and camo style trousers. I smiled and pulled her onto my lap and cuddled her, kissing her neck her red hair bouncing round her shoulders in natural ringlets “Eric,” she laughed her voice light but I could still hear the underlying worry from last night I put her down next to me “so what are we going to have for breakfast? Although it’s more like brunch at this time,” she glanced at the clock which now read 10:10am and smiled.

I wandered into the kitchen. “Eric,” Faith called from the living room “im just gunna call someone,”

“Okay, you might want to turn the TV down,” I said as I had a look through the cupboards and the fridge finally deciding on bacon and eggs.

The End

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