I slammed the door and threw myself on my bed and cried. I’d had enough, they were driving me mad, the pair of them and I’d had enough, the constant arguing and fights this was just supposed to be a calm quiet week without my parents where me and Eric could spend some time together but so far there was no calmness and defiantly no quiet it was just like being back at school when one of my teachers sat me, Eric and Jase in a line with me in the middle, I could feel the tension coming off them. I heard the soft closing of the front and I hoped with all my heart it wasn’t Eric, I needed his secure arms to hold me together.

The stairs creak as someone gently came up them and knocked on the door “Faith, Jase is gone, Can I come in?” Eric sounded ...... scared? Why would he be scared of me?

 He came in when I didn’t reply and stood quietly at the side of the bed. “babe?” his voice was quiet and worried.

I sat up and faced him “what’s going on Eric, I never get angry,” I started crying again silent tears streamed down my face. “Oh babe don’t cry,” Eric sat down beside me and held me as I cried muttering that it would be okay and stroking my hair the familiar feel of his arms around me caused me to drift back off to sleep.         

The End

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