I sat down on the sofa “yes we could all talk about what it was that started all this,” I said sharply. I could tell Faith was terrified as she sat down next to me “why don’t we start with what it was you said?” I looked directly at Jase as he sat down on the single armchair.

“look whatever you think I said will have been twisted and screwed up you know what it’s like,” Jase said with a shaky voice “I would never say anything that would upset either of you. As much as I hate you for being with Faith,”


“YOU SAID SHE WAS A DIRTY SLAG AND THAT SHE SLEPT AROUND,” I shouted jumping to my feet. Breathing heavily and shaking, I knew I should calm down but just seeing him made me angry.


“You said what?” faith said accusingly next to me, the hurt in her voice was all that stopped me from beating him to a pulp there and then “how could you,” her voice was shaking and when I turned to face her I saw shining tears fall from her eyes. I turned back to Jase and sat down pleased at the pain I could see in his face from hurting Faith yet still angry at the fact that she was upset . Jase looked scared and uncomfortable. ‘Good’ I thought.

“It wasn’t supposed to sound like that,” he said quietly

“OH YEH WELL HOW WAS IT SUPPOSED TO SOUND?” this time is wasn’t me shouting.

“Faith calm down,” I said.

“WHAT CAN ONLY THE BIG BOYS SHOUT,” I could tell she was angry and she turned at me and shouted “I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU TWO FIGHTING.”

I was worried, I’d never heard her so angry. We were both gobsmacked and really had nothing to say. Faith ran upstairs and I heard the door to her room slam, Jase got up to follow her. “I think it would be best if you left,” I said cutting in front of him before he managed to get to the stairs.

The End

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