The TCP was cold and stung a lot when Faith started cleaning the cuts but her body was warm as it got close to mine. I felt bad about the fight and I was worried about what Faith was thinking, I didn’t want her to be too angry with me. I had my eyes closed so I didn’t know how she felt, I could normally tell what she was thinking just from looking at her as she held her emotions in her face, although occasionally she would try to hid it but never very successfully from me .

I could feel her closeness then all of a sudden she moved away. “Done,” her voice was soft but not like the normal calmness she spoke with. She was still upset as she dabbed round the cuts with a towel. I opened my eyes as Faith put the towel back on the radiator, she turned back round to me and gave me a small smile that did quite reach her eyes before going back into her room.

 I stood up. I wasn’t going to tell her about the ache in my side. I lifted up my top, I was well toned for my age not perfect but fit enough and I was constantly I tanned as I was always outside doing something and more often than not I had my top off as I was always active and easily over heated, to find a massive bruise about halfway up my chest I pressed lightly sending waves of pain through me I dropped my top and doubled over breathing heavily until the pain subsided once it had gone I looked back into the mirror, my face had gone pale and a sheen of sweat had formed across my forehead.

 “F.. Faith im going to have a shower if that’s okay,” her parents had already gone out, as far as I could tell they had gone away for a few day’s as it was the summer holidays so Faith had asked if I could come round to keep her company.

 “okay do you want me to bring in a change of clothes your other ones are a mess,” she called back

“if you want to,” I replied turning the hot tap on to start warming the water my head was spinning and I had to close my eyes.

A warm hand touched my arm and I turned to face Faith who was standing with a change of clothes “thanks,” I said putting them on the radiator to warm them she gently stroked the side of my face with one delicate soft hand, gently I placed my hand around her waist and pulled her in for a soft kiss making sure nothing pressed to heavily on my chest. She smiled when we broke apart “this doesn’t let you off,” she said gently pulling away and wandering into the next room.

The End

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